Azim Ataollahi Oshkour
Azim Ataollahi Oshkour
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia
E-mail megerősítve itt: siswa.um.edu.my
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Mechanical and physical behavior of newly developed functionally graded materials and composites of stainless steel 316L with calcium silicate and hydroxyapatite
AA Oshkour, S Pramanik, M Mehrali, YH Yau, F Tarlochan, NAA Osman
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 49, 321-331, 2015
Mechanical and physical properties of calcium silicate/alumina composite for biomedical engineering applications
FS Shirazi, M Mehrali, AA Oshkour, HSC Metselaar, NA Kadri, ...
journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 30, 168-175, 2014
Development process of new bumper beam for passenger car: A review
MM Davoodi, SM Sapuan, A Aidy, NAA Osman, AA Oshkour, WABW Abas
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In vitro study of surface modified poly (ethylene glycol)-impregnated sintered bovine bone scaffolds on human fibroblast cells
S Pramanik, F Ataollahi, B Pingguan-Murphy, AA Oshkour, NAA Osman
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Three-dimensional finite element analyses of functionally graded femoral prostheses with different geometrical configurations
AA Oshkour, NAA Osman, M Bayat, R Afshar, F Berto
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Spongy nitrogen-doped activated carbonaceous hybrid derived from biomass material/graphene oxide for supercapacitor electrodes
S Gharehkhani, SFS Shirazi, SP Jahromi, M Sookhakian, S Baradaran, ...
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Design of new generation femoral prostheses using functionally graded materials: a finite element analysis
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Finite element modelling of axially crushed silk/epoxy composite square tubes
SA Oshkovr, ST Taher, AA Oshkour, AK Ariffin, CH Azhari
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Simulation machining of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) based on the finite element modeling
MH Ali, MNM Ansari, BA Khidhir, B Mohamed, AA Oshkour
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In vitro characterization and mechanical properties of β‐calcium silicate/POC composite as a bone fixation device
FS Shirazi, E Moghaddam, M Mehrali, AA Oshkour, HSC Metselaar, ...
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Finite element analysis of circumferential crack behavior in cement–femoral prosthesis interface
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Finite element analysis on longitudinal and radial functionally graded femoral prosthesis
AA Oshkour, N A Abu Osman, MM Davoodi, YH Yau, F Tarlochan, ...
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Comparison of various functionally graded femoral prostheses by finite element analysis
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Effect of geometrical parameters on the performance of longitudinal functionally graded femoral prostheses
AA Oshkour, H Talebi, SF Seyed Shirazi, YH Yau, F Tarlochan, ...
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Characterization and mechanical properties of calcium silicate/citric acid–based polymer composite materials
FS Shirazi, M Mehrali, AA Oshkour, HSC Metselaar, NA Kadri, ...
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Material design consideration for gear component using functional graded materials
HF Al-Qrimli, AA Oshkour, FB Ismail, FA Mahdi
International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation 6 (4), 243-265, 2015
A comparison in mechanical properties of cermets of calcium silicate with Ti-55Ni and Ti-6Al-4V alloys for hard tissues replacement
A Ataollahi Oshkour, S Pramanik, SFS Shirazi, M Mehrali, YH Yau, ...
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
Parametric study of radial functionally graded femoral prostheses with different geometries
AA Oshkour, H Talebi, SFS Shirazi, YH Yau, S Pramanik, F Tarlochan, ...
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Prediction of high cutting speed parameters for Ti-6Al-4V by using Finite Element Modeling
MH Ali, BA Khidhir, B Mohamed, AA Oshkour
International Journal of Modeling and Optimization 2 (1), 31-45, 2012
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