Aimeric Teyssier
Aimeric Teyssier
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Hivatkozott rá
Live fast, die young: experimental evidence of population extinction risk due to climate change
E Bestion, A Teyssier, M Richard, J Clobert, J Cote
PLoS Biology 13 (10), e1002281, 2015
Maternal exposure to predator scents: offspring phenotypic adjustment and dispersal
E Bestion, A Teyssier, F Aubret, J Clobert, J Cote
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1792), 20140701, 2014
Inside the guts of the city: urban-induced alterations of the gut microbiota in a wild passerine
A Teyssier, LO Rouffaer, NS Hudin, D Strubbe, E Matthysen, L Lens, ...
Science of the Total Environment 612, 1276-1286, 2018
Dynamics of gut microbiota diversity during the early development of an avian host: evidence from a cross-foster experiment
A Teyssier, L Lens, E Matthysen, J White
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 1524, 2018
Diet contributes to urban-induced alterations in gut microbiota: experimental evidence from a wild passerine
A Teyssier, E Matthysen, NS Hudin, L De Neve, J White, L Lens
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1920), 20192182, 2020
Partners’ personality types and mate preferences: predation risk matters
A Teyssier, E Bestion, M Richard, J Cote
Behavioral Ecology 25 (4), 723-733, 2014
Non‐consumptive effects of a top‐predator decrease the strength of the trophic cascade in a four‐level terrestrial food web
E Bestion, J Cucherousset, A Teyssier, J Cote
Oikos 124 (12), 1597-1602, 2015
Altered trophic interactions in warming climates: consequences for predator diet breadth and fitness
E Bestion, A Soriano-Redondo, J Cucherousset, S Jacob, J White, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1914), 20192227, 2019
Effects of urbanization on host-pathogen interactions, using Yersinia in house sparrows as a model
LO Rouffaer, D Strubbe, A Teyssier, N Salleh Hudin, AM Van den Abeele, ...
PloS one 12 (12), e0189509, 2017
Predictable food supplies induce plastic shifts in avian scaled body mass
N Salleh Hudin, D Strubbe, A Teyssier, L De Neve, J White, ...
Behavioral Ecology, arw108, 2016
Phenotypic signatures of urbanization are scale-dependent: a multi-trait study on a classic urban exploiter
D Strubbe, NS Hudin, A Teyssier, P Vantieghem, J Aerts, L Lens
Landscape and Urban Planning 197, 103767, 2020
House Sparrows Do Not Constitute a Significant Salmonella Typhimurium Reservoir across Urban Gradients in Flanders, Belgium
LO Rouffaer, L Lens, R Haesendonck, A Teyssier, NS Hudin, D Strubbe, ...
PLoS One 11 (5), e0155366, 2016
Do wild-caught urban house sparrows show desensitized stress responses to a novel stressor?
N Salleh Hudin, A Teyssier, J Aerts, GD Fairhurst, D Strubbe, J White, ...
Biology open 7 (6), bio031849, 2018
Influence of urbanisation on the gut microbiota of avian hosts and implications for host fitness
A Teyssier
University of Antwerp, 2020
Adaptive maternal effects shape offspring phenotype and survival in natal environments
E Bestion, A Teyssier, M Rangassamy, O Calvez, O Guillaume, M Richard, ...
The American Naturalist 200 (6), 773-789, 2022
Parasitisme en symbiose: wat verandert er in de stad?
L Bulteel, L Reyserhove, E Macke, L Lens, A Teyssier, J White, ...
Natuur. focus, 75-81, 2018
Maternal exposure to predator scents: offspring phenotypic
E Bestion, A Teyssier, F Aubret, J Clobert, J Cote
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