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Hivatkozott rá
Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation—a benchmark of metagenomics software
A Sczyrba, P Hofmann, P Belmann, D Koslicki, S Janssen, J Dröge, ...
Nature Methods 14 (11), 1063-1071, 2017
Unraveling the microbiome of a thermophilic biogas plant by metagenome and metatranscriptome analysis complemented by characterization of bacterial and archaeal isolates
I Maus, DE Koeck, KG Cibis, S Hahnke, YS Kim, T Langer, J Kreubel, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 9 (1), 1-28, 2016
Identification and genome reconstruction of abundant distinct taxa in microbiomes from one thermophilic and three mesophilic production-scale biogas plants
Y Stolze, A Bremges, M Rumming, C Henke, I Maus, A Pühler, A Sczyrba, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 9 (1), 1-18, 2016
Bioboxes: standardised containers for interchangeable bioinformatics software
P Belmann, J Dröge, A Bremges, AC McHardy, A Sczyrba, MD Barton
GigaScience 4 (1), 47, 2015
CAMISIM: simulating metagenomes and microbial communities
A Fritz, P Hofmann, S Majda, E Dahms, J Dröge, J Fiedler, TR Lesker, ...
Microbiome 7 (1), 1-12, 2019
Predicting antimicrobial resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa with machine learning‐enabled molecular diagnostics
A Khaledi, A Weimann, M Schniederjans, E Asgari, TH Kuo, A Oliver, ...
EMBO Molecular Medicine 12 (3), 2020
Deeply sequenced metagenome and metatranscriptome of a biogas-producing microbial community from an agricultural production-scale biogas plant
A Bremges, I Maus, P Belmann, F Eikmeyer, A Winkler, A Albersmeier, ...
GigaScience 4 (33), 2015
From genomes to phenotypes: Traitar, the microbial trait analyzer
A Weimann, K Mooren, J Frank, PB Pope, A Bremges, AC McHardy
MSystems 1 (6), e00101-16, 2016
Genomic characterization of Defluviitoga tunisiensis L3, a key hydrolytic bacterium in a thermophilic biogas plant and its abundance as determined by metagenome fragment …
I Maus, KG Cibis, A Bremges, Y Stolze, D Wibberg, G Tomazetto, J Blom, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 232, 50-60, 2016
Assessing taxonomic metagenome profilers with OPAL
F Meyer, A Bremges, P Belmann, S Janssen, AC McHardy, D Koslicki
Genome Biology 20 (1), 51, 2019
Characterisation of a stable laboratory co-culture of acidophilic nanoorganisms
S Krause, A Bremges, PC Münch, AC McHardy, J Gescher
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 3289, 2017
Investigation of different nitrogen reduction routes and their key microbial players in wood chip-driven denitrification beds
V Grießmeier, A Bremges, AC McHardy, J Gescher
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 17028, 2017
Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation: the second round of challenges
F Meyer, A Fritz, ZL Deng, D Koslicki, TR Lesker, A Gurevich, G Robertson, ...
Nature methods 19 (4), 429-440, 2022
Targeted in situ metatranscriptomics for selected taxa from mesophilic and thermophilic biogas plants
Y Stolze, A Bremges, I Maus, A Pühler, A Sczyrba, A Schlüter
Microbial Biotechnology 11 (4), 667-679, 2018
Genomics and prevalence of bacterial and archaeal isolates from biogas-producing microbiomes
I Maus, A Bremges, Y Stolze, S Hahnke, KG Cibis, DE Koeck, YS Kim, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 10 (1), 1-22, 2017
An integrated metagenome and -proteome analysis of the microbial community residing in a biogas production plant
V Ortseifen, Y Stolze, I Maus, A Sczyrba, A Bremges, SP Albaum, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 231, 268-279, 2016
Complete genome sequence of the cyanide-degrading bacterium Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes CECT5344
D Wibberg, VM Luque-Almagro, MI Igeño, A Bremges, MD Roldán, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 175, 67-68, 2014
Fine-tuning structural RNA alignments in the twilight zone
A Bremges, S Schirmer, R Giegerich
BMC Bioinformatics 11 (1), 222, 2010
Tutorial: Assessing metagenomics software with the CAMI benchmarking toolkit
F Meyer, TR Lesker, D Koslicki, A Fritz, A Gurevich, AE Darling, A Sczyrba, ...
Nature protocols 16 (4), 1785-1801, 2021
Finished genome sequence and methylome of the cyanide-degrading Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes strain CECT5344 as resolved by single-molecule real-time sequencing
D Wibberg, A Bremges, T Dammann-Kalinowski, I Maus, MI Igeño, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 232, 61-68, 2016
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