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Complexity of a Co3O4 System under Ambient-Pressure CO2 Methanation: Influence of Bulk and Surface Properties on the Catalytic Performance
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Determination of the platinum concentration of a Pt/silica nanocomposite decorated with ultra small Pt nanoparticles using single particle inductively coupled plasma mass …
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Application of TiO2-Cu Composites in Photocatalytic Degradation Different Pollutants and Hydrogen Production
B Hampel, Z Pap, A Sapi, A Szamosvolgyi, L Baia, K Hernadi
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One-pot mechanochemical ball milling synthesis of the MnO x nanostructures as efficient catalysts for CO 2 hydrogenation reactions
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Silica-based catalyst supports are inert, are they not?: striking differences in ethanol decomposition reaction originated from meso-and surface-fine-structure evidenced by …
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Visible LED-light driven photocatalytic degradation of organochlorine pesticides (2, 4-D & 2, 4-DP) by Curcuma longa mediated bismuth vanadate
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Journal of Cleaner Production 367, 132923, 2022
Interfacial Ni active sites strike solid solutional counterpart in CO2 hydrogenation
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Efficient charge separation and improved photocatalytic activity in Type-II & Type-III heterojunction based multiple interfaces in BiOCl0. 5Br0. 5-Q: DFT and Experimental Insight
H Chawla, S Garg, S Upadhyay, J Rohilla, Á Szamosvölgyi, A Sapi, ...
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Palladium Decorated N-Doped Carbon Foam as a Highly Active and Selective Catalyst for Nitrobenzene Hydrogenation
Á Prekob, Á Szamosvölgyi, G Muránszky, J Lakatos, Z Kónya, B Fiser, ...
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α-MoO3 with inhibitive properties in Fenton reactions and insights on its general impact on OH radical based advanced oxidation processes
EZ Kedves, C Fodor, Á Fazekas, I Székely, Á Szamosvölgyi, A Sápi, ...
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Turning CO2 to CH4 and CO over CeO2 and MCF-17 supported Pt, Ru and Rh nanoclusters–Influence of nanostructure morphology, supporting materials and operating conditions
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Concentrated Platinum‐Gallium Nanoalloy for Hydrogen Production from the Catalytic Steam Reforming of Ethanol
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Influence of Rapid Heat Treatment on the Photocatalytic Activity and Stability of Strontium Titanates against a Broad Range of Pollutants
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Decisive role of Cu/Co interfaces in copper cobaltite derivatives for high performance CO2 methanation catalyst
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Directed thermocatalytic CO2 reduction over NiAl4 layered double hydroxide precursors− activity and selectivity control using different interlayer anions
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BiVO4 charge transfer control by a water-insoluble iron complex for solar water oxidation
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Applied Catalysis A: General, 119035, 2023
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