Alessandro Spelta
Alessandro Spelta
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Graphical network models for international financial flows
P Giudici, A Spelta
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 34 (1), 128-138, 2016
Time, space and social interactions: exit mechanisms for the Covid-19 epidemics
A Scala, A Flori, A Spelta, E Brugnoli, M Cinelli, W Quattrociocchi, ...
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After the lockdown: simulating mobility, public health and economic recovery scenarios
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Network based scoring models to improve credit risk management in peer to peer lending platforms
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Inflation targeting, recursive inattentiveness, and heterogeneous beliefs
A Agliari, D Massaro, N Pecora, A Spelta
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Financial market predictability with tensor decomposition and links forecast
A Spelta
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Identifying systemically important banks: A temporal approach for macroprudential policies
A Spelta, N Pecora, PR Kaltwasser
Journal of policy modeling 41 (1), 197-218, 2019
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