Stanislav Harizanov
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Optimal solvers for linear systems with fractional powers of sparse SPD matrices
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov, P Marinov, Y Vutov
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 25 (5), e2167, 2018
Analysis of numerical methods for spectral fractional elliptic equations based on the best uniform rational approximation
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov, P Marinov, J Pasciak
Journal of Computational Physics 408, 109285, 2020
Stability of nonlinear subdivision and multiscale transforms
S Harizanov, P Oswald
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Epigraphical projection for solving least squares Anscombe transformed constrained optimization problems
S Harizanov, JC Pesquet, G Steidl
Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision: 4th International …, 2013
Sex estimation by size and shape of foramen magnum based on CT imaging
D Toneva, S Nikolova, S Harizanov, I Georgiev, D Zlatareva, ...
Legal Medicine 35, 50-60, 2018
A survey on numerical methods for spectral space-fractional diffusion problems
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 23 (6), 1605-1646, 2020
Numerical solution of fractional diffusion–reaction problems based on BURA
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov, P Marinov
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 80 (2), 316-331, 2020
Positive approximations of the inverse of fractional powers of SPD M-matrices
S Harizanov, S Margenov
Control Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics: Essays in Honor of …, 2018
Mathematical and computer modeling of COVID-19 transmission dynamics in Bulgaria by time-depended inverse SEIR model
S Margenov, N Popivanov, I Ugrinova, S Harizanov, T Hristov
AIP Conference Proceedings 2333 (1), 2021
Facial soft tissue thicknesses in Bulgarian adults: relation to sex, body mass index and bilateral asymmetry
D Toneva, S Nikolova, I Georgiev, S Harizanov, D Zlatareva, ...
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Volume constrained 2-phase segmentation method utilizing a linear system solver based on the best uniform polynomial approximation of x− 1/2
S Harizanov, S Margenov, P Marinov, Y Vutov
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 310, 115-128, 2017
The best uniform rational approximation: Applications to solving equations involving fractional powers of elliptic operators
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov, P Marinov
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.13865, 2019
Comparison Analysis of Two Numerical Methods for Fractional Diffusion Problems Based on the Best Rational Approximations of t γ on [0, 1]
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, S Margenov, P Marinov, J Pasciak
Advanced Finite Element Methods with Applications: Selected Papers from the …, 2019
Spectral fractional Laplacian with inhomogeneous Dirichlet data: questions, problems, solutions
S Harizanov, S Margenov, N Popivanov
Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of SIAM, 123-138, 2018
Reduced multiplicative (BURA-MR) and additive (BURA-AR) best uniform rational approximation methods and algorithms for fractional elliptic equations
S Harizanov, N Kosturski, I Lirkov, S Margenov, Y Vutov
Fractal and Fractional 5 (3), 61, 2021
A CT-study of the cranial suture morphology and its reorganization during the obliteration
S Nikolova, D Toneva, I Georgiev, S Harizanov, D Zlatareva, ...
Collegium antropologicum 41 (2), 125-131, 2017
Normal multi-scale transforms for curves
S Harizanov, P Oswald, T Shingel
Foundations of Computational Mathematics 11, 617-656, 2011
Rational approximations in robust preconditioning of multiphysics problems
S Harizanov, I Lirkov, S Margenov
Mathematics 10 (5), 780, 2022
Stability of nonlinear subdivision schemes and multiresolutions
S Harizanov
Master's Thesis, Jacobs University, Bremen, 2007
Comparison analysis on two numerical methods for fractional diffusion problems based on rational approximations of
S Harizanov, R Lazarov, P Marinov, S Margenov, J Pasciak
arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.00711, 2018
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