Lori A. Ziolkowski
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Hivatkozott rá
Aged black carbon identified in marine dissolved organic carbon
LA Ziolkowski, ERM Druffel
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Aged black carbon in marine sediments and sinking particles
AI Coppola, LA Ziolkowski, CA Masiello, ERM Druffel
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LA Ziolkowski, AR Chamberlin, J Greaves, ERM Druffel
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GM Santos, JR Southon, NJ Drenzek, LA Ziolkowski, E Druffel, X Xu, ...
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H Xie, SS Andrews, WR Martin, J Miller, L Ziolkowski, CD Taylor, ...
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LA Ziolkowski, ERM Druffel
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CD Clark, WT Hiscock, FJ Millero, G Hitchcock, L Brand, WL Miller, ...
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Radiocarbon evidence of active endolithic microbial communities in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert
LA Ziolkowski, J Wierzchos, AF Davila, GF Slater
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Photostabilization of Organic Dyes on Poly(styrenesulfonate)-Capped TiO2 Nanoparticles
L Ziolkowski, K Vinodgopal, PV Kamat
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RA Bourbonniere, SL Telford, LA Ziolkowski, J Lee, MS Evans, PA Meyers
Variability of the apparent quantum efficiency of CO photoproduction in the Gulf of Maine and Northwest Atlantic
LA Ziolkowski, WL Miller
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Drivers of sediment accumulation and nutrient burial in coastal stormwater detention ponds, South Carolina, USA
WF Schroer, CR Benitez-Nelson, EM Smith, LA Ziolkowski
Ecosystems 21, 1118-1138, 2018
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LA Ziolkowski, NCS Mykytczuk, CR Omelon, H Johnson, LG Whyte, ...
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MJ Harvey, CS Law, MJ Smith, JA Hall, ER Abraham, CL Stevens, ...
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S Lutz, LA Ziolkowski, LG Benning
Microorganisms 7 (6), 160, 2019
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ERM Druffel, D Zhang, X Xu, LA Ziolkowski, JR Southon, GM Dos Santos, ...
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AI Coppola, LA Ziolkowski, ERM Druffel
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Winter Ecosystem Respiration and Sources of CO2 From the High Arctic Tundra of Svalbard: Response to a Deeper Snow Experiment
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DO McCrimmon, M Bizimis, A Holland, LA Ziolkowski
Organic Geochemistry 118, 63-72, 2018
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