Bruce Doré
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Toward a personalized science of emotion regulation
BP Doré, JA Silvers, KN Ochsner
Social and Personality Psychology Compass 10 (4), 171-187, 2016
Helping others regulate emotion predicts increased regulation of one’s own emotions and decreased symptoms of depression
BP Doré, RR Morris, DA Burr, RW Picard, KN Ochsner
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 43 (5), 729-739, 2017
Sadness shifts to anxiety over time and distance from the national tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut
B Doré, L Ort, O Braverman, KN Ochsner
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Emotion regulation deficits in regular marijuana users
K Zimmermann, C Walz, RT Derckx, KM Kendrick, B Weber, B Dore, ...
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Finding positive meaning in negative experiences engages ventral striatal and ventromedial prefrontal regions associated with reward valuation
BP Doré, C Boccagno, D Burr, A Hubbard, K Long, J Weber, Y Stern, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 29 (2), 235-244, 2017
Neural predictors of decisions to cognitively control emotion
BP Doré, J Weber, KN Ochsner
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Longitudinal effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for depression on the neural correlates of emotion regulation
H Rubin-Falcone, J Weber, R Kishon, K Ochsner, L Delaparte, B Doré, ...
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Neural mechanisms of emotion regulation moderate the predictive value of affective and value-related brain responses to persuasive messages
BP Doré, SH Tompson, MB O'Donnell, LC An, V Strecher, EB Falk
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (7), 1293-1300, 2019
Social cognitive neuroscience: A review of core systems.
BP Doré, N Zerubavel, KN Ochsner
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Negative autobiographical memory in depression reflects elevated amygdala-hippocampal reactivity and hippocampally associated emotion regulation
BP Doré, O Rodrik, C Boccagno, A Hubbard, J Weber, B Stanley, ...
Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging 3 (4), 358-366, 2018
Brain activity tracks population information sharing by capturing consensus judgments of value
BP Doré, C Scholz, EC Baek, JO Garcia, MB O’Donnell, DS Bassett, ...
Cerebral Cortex 29 (7), 3102-3110, 2019
Cognitive regulation of ventromedial prefrontal activity evokes lasting change in the perceived self‐relevance of persuasive messaging
BP Doré, N Cooper, C Scholz, MB O'Donnell, EB Falk
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Neural predictors and effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for depression: the role of emotional reactivity and regulation
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Linguistic synchrony predicts the immediate and lasting impact of text-based emotional support
BP Doré, RR Morris
Psychological science 29 (10), 1716-1723, 2018
Highly accurate prediction of emotions surrounding the attacks of September 11, 2001 over 1-, 2-, and 7-year prediction intervals.
BP Doré, R Meksin, M Mather, W Hirst, KN Ochsner
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (6), 788, 2016
Population-and individual-level changes in life satisfaction surrounding major life stressors
B Dore, N Bolger
Social Psychological and Personality Science 9 (7), 875-884, 2018
Emotion Regulation
BP Doré, KN Ochsner
Academic Press, 2015
Neural valuation of antidrinking campaigns and risky peer influence in daily life.
C Scholz, BP Doré, N Cooper, EB Falk
Health psychology 38 (7), 658, 2019
Health news sharing is reflected in distributed reward-related brain activity
BP Doré, C Scholz, EC Baek, EB Falk
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A neural propagation system: neurocognitive and preference synchrony in information sharers and their receivers
C Scholz, BP Dore, EC Baek, MB O’Donnell, EB Falk
Communication Research and Practice, 2017
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