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Elementary steps in electrical doping of organic semiconductors
ML Tietze, J Benduhn, P Pahner, B Nell, M Schwarze, H Kleemann, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1182, 2018
Doped organic transistors operating in the inversion and depletion regime
B Lüssem, ML Tietze, H Kleemann, C Hossbach, JW Bartha, A Zakhidov, ...
Nature Communications 4, 2013
Imaging of pure spin-valley diffusion current in WS2-WSe2 heterostructures
C Jin, J Kim, MIB Utama, EC Regan, H Kleemann, H Cai, Y Shen, ...
Science 360 (6391), 893-896, 2018
Structural phase transition in pentacene caused by molecular doping and its effect on charge carrier mobility
H Kleemann, C Schuenemann, AA Zakhidov, M Riede, B Lüssem, K Leo
Organic Electronics 13 (1), 58-65, 2012
Reverse dark current in organic photodetectors and the major role of traps as source of noise
J Kublitski, A Hofacker, BK Boroujeni, J Benduhn, VC Nikolis, C Kaiser, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 551, 2021
A review of vertical organic transistors
H Kleemann, K Krechan, A Fischer, K Leo
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (20), 1907113, 2020
A dielectric-defined lateral heterojunction in a monolayer semiconductor
MIB Utama, H Kleemann, W Zhao, CS Ong, H Felipe, DY Qiu, H Cai, H Li, ...
Nature Electronics 2 (2), 60-65, 2019
High-Performance Vertical Organic Transistors
H Kleemann, AA Günther, K Leo, B Lüssem
Small 9 (21), 3670–3677, 2013
Strategic-tuning of radiative excitons for efficient and stable fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes
Z Wu, Y Liu, L Yu, C Zhao, D Yang, X Qiao, J Chen, C Yang, H Kleemann, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 2380, 2019
Reservoir computing with biocompatible organic electrochemical networks for brain-inspired biosignal classification
M Cucchi, C Gruener, L Petrauskas, P Steiner, H Tseng, A Fischer, ...
Science Advances 7 (34), eabh0693, 2021
Organic Zener Diodes: Tunneling across the Gap in Organic Semiconductor Materials
H Kleemann, R Gutierrez, F Lindner, S Avdoshenko, PD Manrique, ...
Nanoletter 10 (12), 4929–4934, 2010
Pentacene Schottky diodes studied by impedance spectroscopy: Doping properties and trap response
P Pahner, H Kleemann, L Burtone, ML Tietze, J Fischer, K Leo, B Lüssem
Physical Review B 88 (19), 195205, 2013
Hands-on reservoir computing: a tutorial for practical implementation
M Cucchi, S Abreu, G Ciccone, D Brunner, H Kleemann
Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering 2 (3), 032002, 2022
Improvement of voltage and charge balance in inverted top-emitting organic electroluminescent diodes comprising doped transport layers by thermal annealing
M Thomschke, S Hofmann, S Olthof, M Anderson, H Kleemann, ...
Applied Physiscs Letters 98 (8), 083304, 2011
Miniaturized VIS‐NIR spectrometers based on narrowband and tunable transmission cavity organic photodetectors with ultrahigh specific detectivity above 1014 jones
S Xing, VC Nikolis, J Kublitski, E Guo, X Jia, Y Wang, D Spoltore, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (44), 2102967, 2021
Highly efficient p-dopants in amorphous hosts
T Menke, D Ray, H Kleemann, MP Hein, K Leo, M Riede
Organic Electronics 15 (2), 365–371, 2014
A Pulse-Biasing Small-Signal Measurement Technique Enabling 40 MHz Operation of Vertical Organic Transistors
B Kheradmand-Boroujeni, MP Klinger, A Fischer, H Kleemann, ...
Scientific Reports 8, 7643, 2018
Organic bipolar transistors
SJ Wang, M Sawatzki, G Darbandy, F Talnack, J Vahland, M Malfois, ...
Nature 606 (7915), 700-705, 2022
A comparison of two air-stable molecular n-dopants for C60
T Menke, P Wei, D Ray, H Kleemann, BD Naab, Z Bao, K Leo, M Riede
Organic Electronics 13 (12), 3319-3325, 2012
Direct structuring of C60 thin film transistors by photo-lithography under ambient conditions
H Kleemann, AA Zakhidov, M Anderson, T Menke, B Lüssem, K Leo
Organic Electronics 13 (3), 506–513, 2012
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