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Satomi Shiodera
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
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Hivatkozott rá
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熱帯林における樹木のリーフフェノロジーと環境要因: 水分環境と樹木の機能的多様性 (< 特集 1> なぜいま葉寿命なのか?)
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Suspension of crustal materials from wildfire in Indonesia as revealed by Pb isotope analysis
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Effect of body lipid content is linked to nutritional adaptation in the acclimation responses of mesic-adapted Paederus to seasonal variations in desiccation stress
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Assessing the changes in river water quality across a land-use change (forest to oil palm plantation) in peninsular Malaysia using the stable isotopes of water and nitrate
M Itoh, K Osaka, K Iizuka, Y Kosugi, M Lion, S Shiodera
Science of The Total Environment 859, 160319, 2023
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