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Hivatkozott rá
Quantifying rock uplift rates using channel steepness and cosmogenic nuclide–determined erosion rates: Examples from northern and southern Italy
AJ Cyr, DE Granger, V Olivetti, P Molin
Lithosphere 2 (3), 188-198, 2010
Topography of the Calabria subduction zone (southern Italy): Clues for the origin of Mt. Etna
C Faccenna, P Molin, B Orecchio, V Olivetti, O Bellier, F Funiciello, ...
Tectonics 30 (1), 2011
Uplift history of the Sila Massif, southern Italy, deciphered from cosmogenic 10Be erosion rates and river longitudinal profile analysis
V Olivetti, AJ Cyr, P Molin, C Faccenna, DE Granger
Tectonics 31 (3), 2012
Distinguishing between tectonic and lithologic controls on bedrock channel longitudinal profiles using cosmogenic 10Be erosion rates and channel steepness index
AJ Cyr, DE Granger, V Olivetti, P Molin
Geomorphology 209, 27-38, 2014
Spreading pulses of the Tyrrhenian Sea during the narrowing of the Calabrian slab
B Guillaume, F Funiciello, C Faccenna, J Martinod, V Olivetti
Geology 38 (9), 819-822, 2010
Cenozoic rejuvenation events of Massif Central topography (France): Insights from cosmogenic denudation rates and river profiles
V Olivetti, V Godard, O Bellier, Aster Team
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 444, 179-191, 2016
Spatio-temporal evolution of intraplate strike-slip faulting: The Neogene–Quaternary Kuh-e-Faghan Fault, central Iran
G Calzolari, F Rossetti, M Della Seta, R Nozaem, V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, ...
Bulletin 128 (3-4), 374-396, 2016
Differential exhumation across the Longriba fault system: Implications for the eastern Tibetan Plateau
C Ansberque, V Godard, V Olivetti, O Bellier, J de Sigoyer, M Bernet, ...
Tectonics 37 (2), 663-679, 2018
Hematite (U-Th)/He thermochronometry constrains intraplate strike-slip faulting on the Kuh-e-Faghan Fault, central Iran
G Calzolari, F Rossetti, AK Ault, F Lucci, V Olivetti, R Nozaem
Tectonophysics 728, 41-54, 2018
Detecting the stepwise propagation of the Eastern Sicily thrust belt (Italy): insight from thermal and thermochronological constraints
L Di Paolo, V Olivetti, S Corrado, L Aldega, ML Balestrieri, R Maniscalco
Terra Nova 26 (5), 363-371, 2014
Upper Paleozoic glacigenic deposits of Gondwana: Stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental significance of a tillite succession in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
G Cornamusini, FM Talarico, S Cirilli, A Spina, V Olivetti, J Woo
Sedimentary Geology 358, 51-69, 2017
Tectonic and climatic signals from apatite detrital fission track analysis of the Cape Roberts Project core records, South Victoria Land, Antarctica
V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, F Rossetti, FM Talarico
Tectonophysics 594, 80-90, 2013
Evidence of a full West Antarctic Ice Sheet back to the early Oligocene: insight from double dating of detrital apatites in Ross Sea sediments.
V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, F Rossetti, SN Thomson, FM Talarico, M Zattin
Terra Nova 27 (3), 238-246, 2015
Variability in uplift, exhumation and crustal deformation along the Transantarctic Mountains front in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
V Olivetti, F Rossetti, ML Balestrieri, D Pace, G Cornamusini, F Talarico
Tectonophysics 745, 229-244, 2018
Middle Miocene out‐of‐sequence thrusting and successive exhumation in the Peloritani Mountains, Sicily: Late stage evolution of an orogen unraveled by apatite fission track and …
V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, C Faccenna, FM Stuart, G Vignaroli
Tectonics 29 (5), 2010
Ice volume variations and provenance trends in the Oligocene-early Miocene glaciomarine sediments of the Central Ross Sea, Antarctica (DSDP Site 270)
V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, D Chew, L Zurli, M Zattin, D Pace, F Drakou, ...
Global and Planetary Change 221, 104042, 2023
Apatite fission track signatures of the Ross Sea ice flows during the Last Glacial Maximum
X Li, M Zattin, V Olivetti
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 21 (10), e2019GC008749, 2020
Topography, structural and exhumation history of the Admiralty Mountains region, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
ML Balestrieri, V Olivetti, F Rossetti, C Gautheron, S Cattò, M Zattin
Geoscience Frontiers 11 (5), 1841-1858, 2020
Cretaceous and late Cenozoic uplift of a Variscan Massif: The case of the French Massif Central studied through low-temperature thermochronometry
V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, V Godard, O Bellier, C Gautheron, PG Valla, ...
Lithosphere 12 (1), 133-149, 2020
Dating the topography through thermochronology: application of Pecube code to inverted vertical profile in the eastern Sila Massif, southern Italy
V Olivetti, BM Laura, F Claudio, FM Stuart
Italian Journal of Geosciences 136 (3), 321-336, 2017
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