Jorge Jódar Bermúdez
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Hivatkozott rá
Streamflow trends in Europe: evidence from a dataset of near-natural catchments
K Stahl, H Hisdal, J Hannaford, LM Tallaksen, ...
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Isotopic and hydrogeochemical characterization of high-altitude karst aquifers in complex geological settings. The Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Northern Spain) case …
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Combination of lumped hydrological and remote-sensing models to evaluate water resources in a semi-arid high altitude ungauged watershed of Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain)
J Jódar, E Carpintero, S Martos-Rosillo, A Ruiz-Constán, ...
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Groundwater discharge in high-mountain watersheds: a valuable resource for downstream semi-arid zones. The case of the Bérchules River in Sierra Nevada (Southern Spain)
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Vertical variation in the amplitude of the seasonal isotopic content of rainfall as a tool to jointly estimate the groundwater recharge zone and transit times in the Ordesa and …
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Exact analytical solution of the convolution integral for classical hydrogeological lumped-parameter models and typical input tracer functions in natural gradient systems
J Jódar, LJ Lambán, A Medina, E Custodio
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Simple solutions for steady-state diffuse recharge evaluation in sloping homogeneous unconfined aquifers by means of atmospheric tracers
E Custodio, J Jódar
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Propagation of drought through the hydrological cycle
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European Commission, 2011
Irrigation enhances precipitation at the mountains downwind
J Jódar, J Carrera, A Cruz
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Land surface temperature as an indicator of the unsaturated zone thickness: A remote sensing approach in the Atacama Desert
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Groundwater dynamics in a hydrologically-modified alpine watershed from an ancient managed recharge system (Sierra Nevada National Park, Southern Spain): insights from …
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Toward a Comprehensive Assessment of the Combined Impacts of Climate Change and Groundwater Pumping on Catchment Dynamics
G Sapriza-Azuri, J Jódar, HV Gupta, J Carrera
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Contribution of isotopic research techniques to characterize high-mountain-Mediterranean karst aquifers: The Port del Comte (Eastern Pyrenees) aquifer.
I Herms, J Jódar, A Soler, I Vadillo, LJ Lambán, S Martos-Rosillo, ...
Science of the Total Environment 656, 209-230, 2019
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