Christopher J. Barile
Christopher J. Barile
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Hivatkozott rá
Dynamic Windows with Neutral Color, High Contrast, and Excellent Durability Using Reversible Metal Electrodeposition
CJ Barile, DJ Slotcavage, J Hou, MT Strand, TS Hernandez, ...
Joule, 2017
The interplay of Al and Mg speciation in advanced Mg battery electrolyte solutions
KA See, KW Chapman, L Zhu, KM Wiaderek, OJ Borkiewicz, CJ Barile, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (1), 328-337, 2016
Electrolytic conditioning of a magnesium aluminum chloride complex for reversible magnesium deposition
CJ Barile, EC Barile, KR Zavadil, RG Nuzzo, AA Gewirth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (48), 27623-27630, 2014
Hybrid dynamic windows using reversible metal electrodeposition and ion insertion
SM Islam, TS Hernandez, MD McGehee, CJ Barile
Nature Energy 4 (3), 223-229, 2019
Proton transfer dynamics control the mechanism of O2 reduction by a non-precious metal electrocatalyst
ECM Tse, CJ Barile, NA Kirchschlager, Y Li, JP Gewargis, SC Zimmerman, ...
Nature materials 15 (7), 754-759, 2016
Bistable black electrochromic windows based on the reversible metal electrodeposition of Bi and Cu
TS Hernandez, CJ Barile, MT Strand, TE Dayrit, DJ Slotcavage, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (1), 104-111, 2017
Polymer–nanoparticle electrochromic materials that selectively modulate visible and near-infrared light
CJ Barile, DJ Slotcavage, MD McGehee
Chemistry of Materials 28 (5), 1439-1445, 2016
Polymer inhibitors enable >900 cm2 dynamic windows based on reversible metal electrodeposition with high solar modulation
MT Strand, TS Hernandez, MG Danner, AL Yeang, N Jarvey, CJ Barile, ...
Nature Energy 6 (5), 546-554, 2021
Electrochemical CO 2 reduction to methane with remarkably high Faradaic efficiency in the presence of a proton permeable membrane
H Pan, CJ Barile
Energy & Environmental Science 13 (10), 3567-3578, 2020
Exploring salt and solvent effects in chloride-based electrolytes for magnesium electrodeposition and dissolution
CJ Barile, RG Nuzzo, AA Gewirth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (24), 13524-13534, 2015
Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance
C Yang, HA Atwater, MA Baldo, D Baran, CJ Barile, MC Barr, M Bates, ...
Joule 6 (1), 8-15, 2022
Investigating the reversibility of in situ generated magnesium organohaloaluminates for magnesium deposition and dissolution
CJ Barile, R Spatney, KR Zavadil, AA Gewirth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (20), 10694-10699, 2014
Investigating the Li-O2 battery in an ether-based electrolyte using differential electrochemical mass spectrometry
CJ Barile, AA Gewirth
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 160 (4), A549, 2013
Factors that determine the length scale for uniform tinting in dynamic windows based on reversible metal electrodeposition
MT Strand, CJ Barile, TS Hernandez, TE Dayrit, L Bertoluzzi, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (11), 2823-2828, 2018
Effect of concentration on the electrochemistry and speciation of the magnesium aluminum chloride complex electrolyte solution
KA See, YM Liu, Y Ha, CJ Barile, AA Gewirth
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (41), 35729-35739, 2017
Proton switch for modulating oxygen reduction by a copper electrocatalyst embedded in a hybrid bilayer membrane
CJ Barile, ECM Tse, Y Li, TB Sobyra, SC Zimmerman, A Hosseini, ...
Nature materials 13 (6), 619-623, 2014
Electrolyte for improved durability of dynamic windows based on reversible metal electrodeposition
TS Hernandez, M Alshurafa, MT Strand, AL Yeang, MG Danner, CJ Barile, ...
Joule 4 (7), 1501-1513, 2020
Hybrid bilayer membrane: a platform to study the role of proton flux on the efficiency of oxygen reduction by a molecular electrocatalyst
A Hosseini, CJ Barile, A Devadoss, TA Eberspacher, RA Decreau, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (29), 11100-11102, 2011
Inhibiting platelet-stimulated blood coagulation by inhibition of mitochondrial respiration
CJ Barile, PC Herrmann, DA Tyvoll, JP Collman, RA Decreau, BS Bull
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (7), 2539-2543, 2012
Dual tinting dynamic windows using reversible metal electrodeposition and prussian blue
SM Islam, CJ Barile
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (43), 40043-40049, 2019
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