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Scale‐up of electrospinning technology: Applications in the pharmaceutical industry
P Vass, E Szabó, A Domokos, E Hirsch, D Galata, B Farkas, B Démuth, ...
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 12 (4 …, 2020
Investigation and mathematical description of the real driving force of passive transport of drug molecules from supersaturated solutions
E Borbas, B Sinkó, O Tsinman, K Tsinman, É Kiserdei, B Démuth, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 13 (11), 3816-3826, 2016
Continuous end-to-end production of solid drug dosage forms: Coupling flow synthesis and formulation by electrospinning
A Balogh, A Domokos, B Farkas, A Farkas, Z Rapi, D Kiss, Z Nyiri, Z Eke, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 350, 290-299, 2018
Controlled-release solid dispersions of Eudragit® FS 100 and poorly soluble spironolactone prepared by electrospinning and melt extrusion
A Balogh, B Farkas, A Domokos, A Farkas, B Démuth, E Borbás, B Nagy, ...
European Polymer Journal 95, 406-417, 2017
End-to-end continuous manufacturing of conventional compressed tablets: From flow synthesis to tableting through integrated crystallization and filtration
A Domokos, B Nagy, M Gyürkés, A Farkas, K Tacsi, H Pataki, YC Liu, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 581, 119297, 2020
Continuous manufacturing of orally dissolving webs containing a poorly soluble drug via electrospinning
A Domokos, A Balogh, D Dénes, G Nyerges, L Ződi, B Farkas, G Marosi, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 130, 91-99, 2019
Integrated Continuous Pharmaceutical Technologies—A Review
A Domokos, B Nagy, B Szilágyi, G Marosi, ZK Nagy
Organic Process Research & Development 25 (4), 721-739, 2021
Novel Alternating Current Electrospinning of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Acetate Succinate (HPMCAS) Nanofibers for Dissolution Enhancement: The Importance of Solution Conductivity
A Balogh, B Farkas, Á Pálvölgyi, A Domokos, B Démuth, G Marosi, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 106 (6), 1634-1643, 2017
Digital UV/VIS imaging: A rapid PAT tool for crushing strength, drug content and particle size distribution determination in tablets
LA Mészáros, DL Galata, L Madarász, Á Köte, K Csorba, ÁZ Dávid, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 578, 119174, 2020
Development of continuous filtration in a novel continuous filtration carousel integrated with continuous crystallization
YC Liu, A Domokos, S Coleman, P Firth, ZK Nagy
Organic Process Research & Development 23 (12), 2655-2665, 2019
Modeling of pharmaceutical filtration and continuous integrated crystallization-filtration processes
B Nagy, B Szilágyi, A Domokos, K Tacsi, H Pataki, G Marosi, ZK Nagy, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 413, 127566, 2021
Integrated twin-screw wet granulation, continuous vibrational fluid drying and milling: A fully continuous powder to granule line
G Fülöp, A Domokos, D Galata, E Szabó, M Gyürkés, B Szabó, A Farkas, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 594, 120126, 2021
Direct Processing of a Flow Reaction Mixture Using Continuous Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal Crystallizer
K Tacsi, H Pataki, A Domokos, B Nagy, I Csontos, I Markovits, F Farkas, ...
CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN 20 (7), 4433-4442, 2020
Direct Processing of a Flow Reaction Mixture Using Continuous Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal Crystallizer
K Tacsi, H Pataki, A Domokos, B Nagy, I Csontos, I Markovits, F Farkas, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (7), 4433-4442, 2020
Data fusion strategies for performance improvement of a Process Analytical Technology platform consisting of four instruments: An electrospinning case study
T Casian, A Farkas, K Ilyés, B Démuth, E Borbás, L Madarász, Z Rapi, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 567, 118473, 2019
Process Design of Continuous Powder Blending Using Residence Time Distribution and Feeding Models
M Gyürkés, L Madarász, Á Köte, A Domokos, D Mészáros, ÁK Beke, ...
Pharmaceutics 12 (11), 1119, 2020
Medicated Straws Based on Electrospun Solid Dispersions
B Farkas, A Balogh, A Farkas, A Domokos, E Borbás, G Marosi, ZK Nagy
Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering 62 (3), 310-316, 2018
Combination of PAT and mechanistic modeling tools in a fully continuous powder to granule line: Rapid and deep process understanding
A Domokos, É Pusztai, L Madarász, B Nagy, M Gyürkés, A Farkas, ...
Powder Technology 388, 70-81, 2021
Development of a triple impinging jet mixer for continuous antisolvent crystallization of acetylsalicylic acid reaction mixture
K Tacsi, Á Joó, É Pusztai, A Domokos, ZK Nagy, G Marosi, H Pataki
Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification 165, 108446, 2021
Electrospun Solid Formulation of Anaerobic Gut Microbiome Bacteria
P Vass, E Pantea, A Domokos, E Hirsch, J Domján, Á Németh, M Molnár, ...
AAPS PharmSciTech 21 (6), 1-9, 2020
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