Julianna Olah
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Does compound I vary significantly between isoforms of cytochrome P450?
R Lonsdale, J Oláh, AJ Mulholland, JN Harvey
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Condensed Fukui functions derived from stockholder charges: assessment of their performance as local reactivity descriptors
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Silylenes: A Unified Picture of Their Stability, Acid− Base and Spin Properties, Nucleophilicity, and Electrophilicity via Computational and Conceptual Density Functional Theory
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Oxazol-2-ylidenes. A new class of stable carbenes?
Z Kelemen, O Hollóczki, J Oláh, L Nyulászi
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Studies on an iron (iii)-peroxo porphyrin. Iron (iii)-peroxo or iron (ii)-superoxo?
K Duerr, J Olah, R Davydov, M Kleimann, J Li, N Lang, R Puchta, ...
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Direct Hydride Shift Mechanism and Stereoselectivity of P450nor Confirmed by QM/MM Calculations
B Kramos, DK Menyhard, J Olah
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Evolutionary and mechanistic insights into substrate and product accommodation of CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase from Plasmodium falciparum
GN Nagy, L Marton, B Krámos, J Oláh, Á Révész, K Vékey, F Delsuc, ...
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Quantum mechanical modeling: a tool for the understanding of enzyme reactions
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Solution behavior of iron (III) and iron (II) porphyrins in DMSO and reaction with superoxide. Effect of neighboring positive charge on thermodynamics, kinetics and nature of …
K Duerr, O Troeppner, J Olah, J Li, A Zahl, T Drewello, N Jux, JN Harvey, ...
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Enolization as an alternative proton delivery pathway in human aromatase (P450 19A1)
B Kramos, J Olah
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (2), 390-405, 2014
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