Alexis Shakas
Alexis Shakas
Lecturer and Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich
E-mail megerősítve itt: erdw.ethz.ch
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Hydraulic stimulation and fluid circulation experiments in underground laboratories: Stepping up the scale towards engineered geothermal systems
VS Gischig, D Giardini, F Amann, M Hertrich, H Krietsch, S Loew, ...
Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment 24, 100175, 2020
Hydrogeophysical characterization of transport processes in fractured rock by combining push‐pull and single‐hole ground penetrating radar experiments
A Shakas, N Linde, L Baron, O Bochet, O Bour, T Le Borgne
Water Resources Research 52 (2), 938-953, 2016
Effective modeling of ground penetrating radar in fractured media using analytic solutions for propagation, thin-bed interaction and dipolar scattering
A Shakas, N Linde
Journal of Applied Geophysics 116, 206-214, 2015
Apparent apertures from ground penetrating radar data and their relation to heterogeneous aperture fields
A Shakas, N Linde
Geophysical Journal International 209 (3), 1418-1430, 2017
Neutrally buoyant tracers in hydrogeophysics: Field demonstration in fractured rock
A Shakas, N Linde, L Baron, J Selker, MF Gerard, N Lavenant, O Bour, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (8), 3663-3671, 2017
Time-lapse ground penetrating radar difference reflection imaging of saline tracer flow in fractured rock
PL Giertzuch, J Doetsch, M Jalali, A Shakas, C Schmelzbach, H Maurer
Geophysics 85 (3), H25-H37, 2020
The 3-D structure of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex (Italy) inferred from new and historic gravimetric data
N Linde, T Ricci, L Baron, A Shakas, G Berrino
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Permeability enhancement from a hydraulic stimulation imaged with Ground Penetrating Radar
A Shakas, H Maurer, PL Giertzuch, M Hertrich, D Giardini, F Serbeto, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 47 (17), e2020GL088783, 2020
Probabilistic inference of fracture-scale flow paths and aperture distribution from hydrogeophysically-monitored tracer tests
A Shakas, N Linde, T Le Borgne, O Bour
Journal of Hydrology 567, 305-319, 2018
Monitoring salt tracer transport in granite rock using ground penetrating radar reflection imaging
PL Giertzuch, J Doetsch, A Kittilä, MR Jalali, C Schmelzbach, H Maurer, ...
2018 17th international conference on ground penetrating radar (gpr), 1-6, 2018
Hydraulic Stimulation and Fluid Circulation Experiments in Underground Laboratories: Stepping up the Scale towards Engineered Geothermal Systems, Geomechanics for Energy and …
V Gischig, D Giardini, F Amann, M Hertrich, H Krietsch, S Loew, H Maurer, ...
Multi-disciplinary characterizations of the Bedretto Lab–a unique underground geoscience research facility
X Ma, M Hertrich, F Amann, K Bröker, N Gholizadeh Doonechaly, ...
Solid Earth Discussions, 2021
4D Tracer Flow Reconstruction in Fractured Rock through Borehole GPR Monitoring
PL Giertzuch, J Doetsch, A Shakas, M Jalali, B Brixel, H Maurer
Solid Earth Discussions, 2021
The buried caldera boundary of the Vesuvius 1631 eruption revealed by present-day soil CO2 concentration
M Poret, A Finizola, T Ricci, GP Ricciardi, N Linde, G Mauri, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 375, 43-56, 2019
High-Resolution Time-Lapse GPR Monitoring of Saline Tracer Flow in Fractured Rock.
PL Giertzuch, J Doetsch, M Jalali, A Shakas, C Schmelzbach, H Maurer
Geophysical research abstracts 21, 2019
Computing Localized Breakthrough Curves and Velocities of Saline Tracer from Ground Penetrating Radar Monitoring Experiments in Fractured Rock
PL Giertzuch, A Shakas, J Doetsch, B Brixel, M Jalali, H Maurer
Energies 14 (10), 2949, 2021
Constraining a geological model of a shear zone by combining geophysical borehole logging and GPR
A Shakas, H Krietsch, M Hertrich, H Maurer
18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, 311-315, 2020
Time-lapse reflection and transmission borehole GPR for saline tracer monitoring in fractured rock
PL Giertzuch, J Doetsch, M Jalali, A Shakas, H Maurer
18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, 295-298, 2020
Characterizing Fracture Aperture and Transport Dynamics with Hydrogeophysics: Theoretical and Experimental Advances
A Shakas
University of Lausanne, 2017
Probabilistic geological model using multi-scale geophysical data: An example from the Bedretto Lab
A Shakas, Q Wenning, M Hertrich, H Maurer, D Giardini
Abstract Volume 19th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, 20-20, 2021
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