Umar Ishtiaq
Umar Ishtiaq
PhD Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
E-mail megerősítve itt: umt.edu.pk
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Hivatkozott rá
On fuzzy b-metric-like spaces
K Javed, F Uddin, H Aydi, M Arshad, U Ishtiaq, H Alsamir
Journal of Function Spaces 2021, 1-9, 2021
Fixed point results in orthogonal neutrosophic metric spaces
U Ishtiaq, K Javed, F Uddin, M Sen, K Ahmed, MU Ali
Complexity 2021, 1-18, 2021
Control fuzzy metric spaces via orthogonality with an application
F Uddin, K Javed, H Aydi, U Ishtiaq, M Arshad
Journal of Mathematics 2021, 1-12, 2021
Strong Convergence Theorems for a Finite Family of Enriched Strictly Pseudocontractive Mappings and ΦT-Enriched Lipschitizian Mappings Using a New …
N Saleem, IK Agwu, U Ishtiaq, S Radenović
Symmetry 14 (5), 1032, 2022
Solving Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations for Contractive and Weakly Compatible Mappings in Neutrosophic Metric Spaces.
U Ali, HA Alyousef, U Ishtiaq, K Ahmed, S Ali
Journal of Function Spaces, 2022
Some new aspects in the intuitionistic fuzzy and neutrosophic fixed point theory
A Hussain, H Al Sulami, U Ishtiaq
Journal of Function Spaces 2022, 2022
Unique Solution of Integral Equations via Intuitionistic Extended Fuzzy b-Metric-Like Spaces.
N Saleem, K Javed, F Uddin, U Ishtiaq, K Ahmed, T Abdeljawad, ...
CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 135 (1), 2023
Graphical views of intuitionistic fuzzy double-controlled metric-like spaces and certain fixed-point results with application
U Ishtiaq, N Saleem, F Uddin, S Sessa, K Ahmad, F Di Martino
Symmetry 14 (11), 2364, 2022
Neutrosophic double controlled metric spaces and related results with application
F Uddin, U Ishtiaq, A Hussain, K Javed, H Al Sulami, K Ahmed
Fractal and Fractional 6 (6), 318, 2022
On pentagonal controlled fuzzy metric spaces with an application to dynamic market equilibrium
A Hussain, U Ishtiaq, K Ahmed, H Al-Sulami
Journal of function spaces 2022, 1-8, 2022
Some fixed point results for xi-chainable neutrosophic and generalized neutrosophic cone metric spaces with application
M Riaz, U Ishtiaq, C Park, K Ahmad, F Uddin
AIMS MATHEMATICS 7 (8), 14756-14784, 2022
On graphical fuzzy metric spaces with application to fractional differential equations
N Saleem, U Ishtiaq, L Guran, MF Bota
Fractal and Fractional 6 (5), 238, 2022
Multivalued neutrosophic fractals and Hutchinson-Barnsley operator in neutrosophic metric space
N Saleem, K Ahmad, U Ishtiaq, M De la Sen
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 172, 113607, 2023
A theoretical development of cubic pythagorean fuzzy soft set with its application in multi-attribute decision making
M Saeed, MH Saeed, R Shafaqat, S Sessa, U Ishtiaq, F Di Martino
Symmetry 14 (12), 2639, 2022
Intuitionistic fuzzy double controlled metric spaces and related results
M Farheen, K Ahmed, K Javed, V Parvaneh, FU Din, U Ishtiaq
Security and Communication Networks 2022, 2022
On graphical fuzzy metric spaces with application to fractional differential equations, Fractal Fract. 6 (2022), 238
N Saleem, U Ishtiaq, L Guran, MF Bota
Reich-Type and (α, F)-Contractions in Partially Ordered Double-Controlled Metric-Type Spaces with Applications to Non-Linear Fractional Differential Equations …
M Farhan, U Ishtiaq, M Saeed, A Hussain, H Al Sulami
Axioms 11 (10), 573, 2022
A New Extension to the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric-like Spaces
F Uddin, U Ishtiaq, K Javed, SS Aiadi, M Arshad, N Souayah, N Mlaiki
Symmetry 14 (7), 1400, 2022
Fixed Point Results in Neutrosophic Rectangular Extended b-Metric Spaces
N Saleem, U Ishtiaq, K Ahmad, S Sessa, F Di Martino
Neutrosophic Systems with Applications 9, 48-80, 2023
Perov fixed-point results on F-contraction mappings equipped with binary relation
FU Din, M Din, U Ishtiaq, S Sessa
Mathematics 11 (1), 238, 2023
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