Parmesh Gajjar
Parmesh Gajjar
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Manchester
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Underlying asymmetry within particle size segregation
K van der Vaart, P Gajjar, G Epely-Chauvin, N Andreini, J Gray, C Ancey
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Asymmetric flux models for particle-size segregation in granular avalanches
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SL Fisher, DJ Holmes, JS Jørgensen, P Gajjar, J Behnsen, ...
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New software protocols for enabling laboratory based temporal CT
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3D Characterisation of Dry Powder Inhaler Formulations: Developing X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Approaches
P Gajjar, ID Styliari, TTH Nguyen, J Carr, X Chen, JA Elliott, RB Hammond, ...
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Measuring the Particle Packing of l-Glutamic Acid Crystals through X-ray Computed Tomography for Understanding Powder Flow and Consolidation Behavior
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Size segregation of irregular granular materials captured by time-resolved 3D imaging
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Characterisation of Expancel thermoplastic microspheres and their influence on the mechanical properties of all-polymer syntactic foams
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Modelling size-segregation in dense granular flows
PJS Gajjar
PQDT-UK & Ireland, 2016
Morphodynamics of supraglacial streams
L Karlstrom, M Manga, P Gajjar
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, C11B-03, 2010
Unlocking secrets of inhalation blends through X-ray Computed Tomography and Microscopy
H Bale, R Hammond, P Gajjar, ID Styliari, P Withers, D Murnane
Microscopy and Microanalysis 27 (S1), 292-295, 2021
From Particles to Powders: Digital Approaches to Understand Structure and Powder Flow of Inhaled Formulations
P Gajjar, TTH Nguyen, ID Styliari, VW Barron, T Burnett, X Chen, ...
Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe 2021, 2021
Crystallographic tomography and molecular modelling of structured organic polycrystalline powders
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On the Breakage of High Aspect Ratio Crystals in Filter Beds under Continuous Percolation
FM Mahdi, AP Shier, IS Fragkopoulos, J Carr, P Gajjar, FL Muller
Pharmaceutical research 37 (12), 1-15, 2020
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