Manuel Queißer (Queisser)
Manuel Queißer (Queisser)
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Hivatkozott rá
Laser-induced water condensation in air
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Laser multiple filamentation control in air using a smooth phase mask
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K Stelmaszczyk, P Rohwetter, M Fechner, M Queißer, A CzySewski, ...
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TROPOMI enables high resolution SO2 flux observations from Mt. Etna, Italy, and beyond
M Queißer, M Burton, N Theys, F Pardini, G Salerno, T Caltabiano, ...
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A new frontier in CO2 flux measurements using a highly portable DIAL laser system
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Initial constraints on triggering mechanisms of the eruption of Fuego volcano (Guatemala) from 3 June 2018 using IASI satellite data
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Insights into geological processes with CO2 remote sensing–A review of technology and applications
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Localizing at Sleipner — Seismic images versus P-wave velocities from waveform inversion
M Queißer, SC Singh
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Increasing CO2 flux at Pisciarelli, Campi Flegrei, Italy
M Queißer, D Granieri, M Burton, F Arzilli, R Avino, A Carandente
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Time lapse seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration at Sleipner using time domain 2D full waveform inversion
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SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting, SEG-2010-2875, 2010
Portable laser spectrometer for airborne and ground-based remote sensing of geological CO2 emissions
AC Manuel Queisser, Mike Burton, Graham R. Allan
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CO2 flux from Javanese mud volcanism
M Queißer, MR Burton, F Arzilli, A Chiarugi, GI Marliyani, F Anggara, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122 (6), 4191-4207, 2017
Deficit in carbon uptake of vegetation on the British Iles during the 2018 European summer drought
M Queißer
The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science 24 (3), 571-578, 2021
2-D tomography of volcanic CO2 from scanning hard-target differential absorption lidar: the case of Solfatara, Campi Flegrei (Italy)
M Queißer, D Granieri, M Burton
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 (12), 5721-5734, 2016
Relative merit of χ (3) and χ (2) SHG by charged water microdroplets–Implications for LIDAR
P Rohwetter, K Stelmaszczyk, M Queißer, M Fechner, L Wöste
Optics communications 281 (4), 797-802, 2008
Intercomparing CO2 amounts from dispersion modeling, 1.6 μm differential absorption lidar and open path FTIR at a natural CO2 release at Caldara di Manziana …
M Queißer, D Granieri, M Burton, A La Spina, G Salerno, R Avino, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 8 (4), 4325-4345, 2015
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