Rex N Taylor
Rex N Taylor
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Hivatkozott rá
Hf isotope ratio analysis using multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: an evaluation of isobaric interference corrections
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GM Nowell, PD Kempton, SR Noble, JG Fitton, AD Saunders, JJ Mahoney, ...
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PD Kempton, JG Fitton, AD Saunders, GM Nowell, RN Taylor, ...
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Age of Seychelles–India break-up
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Explosive deep water basalt in the Sumisu backarc rift
J Gill, P Torssander, H Lapierre, R Taylor, K Kaiho, M Koyama, ...
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Geochemistry of plutonic spinels from the North Kamchatka Arc: comparisons with spinels from other tectonic settings
PK Kepezhinskas, RN Taylor, H Tanaka
Mineralogical Magazine 57 (389), 575-589, 1993
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