Adolfo Martínez-Usó
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Clustering-based hyperspectral band selection using information measures
A MartÍnez-UsÓMartinez-Uso, F Pla, JM Sotoca, P García-Sevilla
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 45 (12), 4158-4171, 2007
UJIIndoorLoc: A new multi-building and multi-floor database for WLAN fingerprint-based indoor localization problems
J Torres-Sospedra, R Montoliu, A Martínez-Usó, JP Avariento, TJ Arnau, ...
2014 international conference on indoor positioning and indoor navigation …, 2014
Item response theory in AI: Analysing machine learning classifiers at the instance level
F Martínez-Plumed, RBC Prudêncio, A Martínez-Usó, J Hernández-Orallo
Artificial intelligence 271, 18-42, 2019
Making sense of item response theory in machine learning
F Martínez-Plumed, RBC Prudêncio, A Martínez-Usó, J Hernández-Orallo
ECAI 2016, 1140-1148, 2016
Multidimensional optical sensing and imaging system (MOSIS): from macroscales to microscales
B Javidi, X Shen, AS Markman, P Latorre-Carmona, A Martinez-Uso, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE 105 (5), 850-875, 2017
Team activity recognition in Association Football using a Bag-of-Words-based method
R Montoliu, R Martín-Félez, J Torres-Sospedra, A Martínez-Usó
Human movement science 41, 165-178, 2015
Clustering-based multispectral band selection using mutual information
A Martinez-Uso, F Pla, JM Sotoca, P Garcia-Sevilla
18th international conference on pattern recognition (ICPR'06) 2, 760-763, 2006
A semi-supervised gaussian mixture model for image segmentation
A Martinez-Uso, F Pla, JM Sotoca
2010 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2941-2944, 2010
Semantic place prediction by combining smart binary classifiers
R Montoliu, A Martínez-Uso, J Martínez-Sotoca, J McInerney
Nokia Mobile Data Challenge 2012 Workshop. p. Dedicated task 1 (1), 2012
Analysis of instance hardness in machine learning using item response theory
RB Prudêncio, J Hernández-Orallo, A Martınez-Usó
Second International Workshop on Learning over Multiple Contexts in ECML 3, 2015
Unsupervised image segmentation using a hierarchical clustering selection process
A Martínez-Usó, F Pla, P García-Sevilla
Joint IAPR International Workshops on Statistical Techniques in Pattern …, 2006
Depth estimation in integral imaging based on a maximum voting strategy
A Martínez-Usó, P Latorre-Carmona, JM Sotoca, F Pla, B Javidi
Journal of Display Technology 12 (12), 1715-1723, 2016
Reframing in context: A systematic approach for model reuse in machine learning
J Hernández-Orallo, A Martínez-Usó, RBC Prudêncio, M Kull, P Flach, ...
AI Communications 29 (5), 551-566, 2016
Automatic band selection in multispectral images using mutual information-based clustering
A Martínez-Usó, F Pla, P García-Sevilla, JM Sotoca
Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications: 11th …, 2006
Comparison of unsupervised band selection methods for hyperspectral imaging
A Martínez-Usó, F Pla, JM Sotoca, P García-Sevilla
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: Third Iberian Conference, IbPRIA …, 2007
Unsupervised colour image segmentation by low-level perceptual grouping
A Martínez-Usó, F Pla, P García-Sevilla
Pattern Analysis and Applications 16, 581-594, 2013
Multispectral image segmentation by energy minimization for fruit quality estimation
A Martínez-Usó, F Pla, P García-Sevilla
Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 689-696, 2005
A quadtree-based unsupervised segmentation algorithm for fruit visual inspection
AM Usó
Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 510-517, 2003
Binarised regression tasks: methods and evaluation metrics
J Hernández-Orallo, C Ferri, N Lachiche, A Martínez-Usó, ...
Data mining and knowledge discovery 30, 848-890, 2016
A novel energy minimization criterion for color image segmentation
A Martinez-Uso, F Pla, P Garcia-Sevilla
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition …, 2004
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