Marina Pervukhina
Marina Pervukhina
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A simple model for squirt-flow dispersion and attenuation in fluid-saturated granular rocks
B Gurevich, D Makarynska, OB de Paula, M Pervukhina
Geophysics 75 (6), N109-N120, 2010
Molecular simulation of CO2–CH4 competitive adsorption and induced coal swelling
J Zhang, K Liu, MB Clennell, DN Dewhurst, M Pervukhina
Fuel 160, 309-317, 2015
Direct laboratory observation of patchy saturation and its effects on ultrasonic velocities
M Lebedev, J Toms-Stewart, B Clennell, M Pervukhina, V Shulakova, ...
The Leading Edge 28 (1), 24-27, 2009
Quantitative micro-porosity characterization using synchrotron micro-CT and xenon K-edge subtraction in sandstones, carbonates, shales and coal
S Mayo, M Josh, Y Nesterets, L Esteban, M Pervukhina, MB Clennell, ...
Fuel 154, 167-173, 2015
Applicability of velocity—stress relationships based on the dual porosity concept to isotropic porous rocks
M Pervukhina, B Gurevich, DN Dewhurst, AF Siggins
Geophysical Journal International 181 (3), 1473-1479, 2010
Methane and carbon dioxide adsorption on Illite
J Zhang, MB Clennell, K Liu, M Pervukhina, G Chen, DN Dewhurst
Energy & Fuels 30 (12), 10643-10652, 2016
Adsorption behavior of hydrocarbon on illite
G Chen, J Zhang, S Lu, M Pervukhina, K Liu, Q Xue, H Tian, S Tian, J Li, ...
Energy & Fuels 30 (11), 9114-9121, 2016
Ultrasonic moduli for fluid-saturated rocks: Mavko-Jizba relations rederived and generalized
B Gurevich, D Makarynska, M Pervukhina
Geophysics 74 (4), N25-N30, 2009
An analytic model for the stress-induced anisotropy of dry rocks
B Gurevich, M Pervukhina, D Makarynska
Geophysics 76 (3), WA125-WA133, 2011
Thermodynamic analysis of molecular simulations of CO2 and CH4 adsorption in FAU zeolites
J Zhang, N Burke, S Zhang, K Liu, M Pervukhina
Chemical Engineering Science 113, 54-61, 2014
Keys to linking GCMC simulations and shale gas adsorption experiments
G Chen, S Lu, J Zhang, Q Xue, T Han, H Xue, S Tian, J Li, C Xu, ...
Fuel 199, 14-21, 2017
Feasibility of a data-constrained prediction of hydrocarbon reservoir sandstone microstructures
YS Yang, TE Gureyev, A Tulloh, MB Clennell, M Pervukhina
Measurement Science and Technology 21 (4), 047001, 2010
Computational elastic up‐scaling of sandstone on the basis of X‐ray micro‐tomographic images
V Shulakova, M Pervukhina, TM Müller, M Lebedev, S Mayo, S Schmid, ...
Geophysical Prospecting 61 (2-Rock Physics for Reservoir Exploration …, 2013
An experimental study of acoustic responses on the injection of supercritical CO 2 into sandstones from the Otway Basin
M Lebedev, M Pervukhina, V Mikhaltsevitch, T Dance, O Bilenko, ...
Geophysics 78 (4), D293-D306, 2013
Parameterization of elastic stress sensitivity in shales
M Pervukhina, B Gurevich, P Golodoniuc, DN Dewhurst
Geophysics 76 (3), WA147-WA155, 2011
Research of CO2 and N2 adsorption behavior in K-illite slit pores by GCMC method
G Chen, S Lu, J Zhang, Q Xue, T Han, H Xue, S Tian, J Li, C Xu, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Stress-dependent elastic properties of shales: Measurement and modeling
M Pervukhina, D Dewhurst, B Gurevich, U Kuila, T Siggins, M Raven, ...
The Leading Edge 27 (6), 772-779, 2008
Modeling squirt dispersion and attenuation in fluid-saturated rocks using pressure dependency of dry ultrasonic velocities
OB de Paula, M Pervukhina, D Makarynska, B Gurevich
Geophysics 77 (3), WA157-WA168, 2012
Molecular dynamics study of CO2 sorption and transport properties in coal
J Zhang, MB Clennell, K Liu, DN Dewhurst, M Pervukhina, N Sherwood
Fuel 177, 53-62, 2016
Modeling elastic anisotropy resulting from the application of triaxial stressStress-induced anisotropy model
O Collet, B Gurevich, M Madadi, M Pervukhina
Geophysics 79 (5), C135-C145, 2014
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