Ph.D in Applied geophysics
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Induced polarization tomography applied to the detection and the monitoring of leaks in embankments
F Abdulsamad, A Revil, AS Ahmed, A Coperey, M Karaoulis, S Nicaise, ...
Engineering Geology 254, 89-101, 2019
Induced polarization response of porous media with metallic particles—Part 7: Detection and quantification of buried slag heaps
Y Qi, A Soueid Ahmed, A Revil, A Ghorbani, F Abdulsamad, N Florsch, ...
Geophysics 83 (5), E277-E291, 2018
Assessing the high frequency behavior of non-polarizable electrodes for spectral induced polarization measurements
F Abdulsamad, N Florsch, M Schmutz, C Camerlynck
Journal of Applied Geophysics 135, 449-455, 2016
Spectral induced polarization in a sandy medium containing semiconductor materials: experimental results and numerical modelling of the polarization mechanism
F Abdulsamad, N Florsch, C Camerlynck
Near Surface Geophysics 15 (6), 669-683, 2017
Improvement of coarse root detection using time and frequency induced polarization: from laboratory to field experiments
B Mary, F Abdulsamad, G Saracco, L Peyras, M Vennetier, P Mériaux, ...
Plant and Soil 417 (1), 243-259, 2017
Induced polarization response of porous media with metallic particles—Part 8: Influence of temperature and salinity
A Revil, A Coperey, D Mao, F Abdulsamad, A Ghorbani, M Rossi, ...
Geophysics 83 (6), E435-E456, 2018
Low‐frequency induced polarization of porous media undergoing freezing: Preliminary observations and modeling
A Coperey, A Revil, F Abdulsamad, B Stutz, PA Duvillard, L Ravanel
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124 (5), 4523-4544, 2019
Induced polarization as a tool to non-intrusively characterize embankment hydraulic properties
AS Ahmed, A Revil, F Abdulsamad, B Steck, C Vergniault, V Guihard
Engineering Geology 271, 105604, 2020
Complex conductivity of graphitic schists and sandstones
F Abdulsamad, A Revil, A Ghorbani, V Toy, M Kirilova, A Coperey, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124 (8), 8223-8249, 2019
Induced polarization response of porous media with metallic particles—Part 9: Influence of permafrost
A Revil, M Razdan, S Julien, A Coperey, F Abdulsamad, A Ghorbani, ...
Geophysics 84 (5), E337-E355, 2019
La polarisation provoquée, outil géophysique de spatialisation des amas de scories pour l’estimation des productions sidérurgiques
N Florsch, F Abdulsamad, J Bonnenfant, C Camerlynck
ArchéoSciences, 23-33, 2017
Leakage detection of water reservoirs using a Mise-à-la-Masse approach
C Ling, A Revil, F Abdulsamad, Y Qi, AS Ahmed, P Shi, S Nicaise, ...
Journal of Hydrology 572, 51-65, 2019
Temperature distribution in a permafrost-affected rock ridge from conductivity and induced polarization tomography
PA Duvillard, F Magnin, A Revil, A Legay, L Ravanel, F Abdulsamad, ...
Geophysical Journal International 225 (2), 1207-1221, 2021
Induced polarization response of porous media with metallic particles—Part 10: Influence of desiccation
T Tartrat, A Revil, F Abdulsamad, A Ghorbani, D Jougnot, A Coperey, ...
Geophysics 84 (5), E357-E375, 2019
Complex conductivity of rammed earth
F Abdulsamad, A Revil, N Prime, PY Gnonnoue, M Schmutz, O Ple
Engineering Geology 273, 105697, 2020
Chargeability of porous rocks with or without metallic particles
A Revil, T Tartrat, F Abdulsamad, A Ghorbani, A Coperey
Petrophysics-The SPWLA Journal of Formation Evaluation and Reservoir …, 2018
Polarisation provoquée: Expérimentation, modélisation et applications géophysiques
F Abdul Samad
Paris 6, 2017
The paradox of the measuring electrodes in IP
F Abdulsamad, N Florsch, M Schmutz, C Camerlynck
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Induced Polarization, 48-49, 2014
Application of the Mise-à-la-Masse method to detect the bottom leakage of water reservoirs
C Ling, A Revil, Y Qi, F Abdulsamad, P Shi, S Nicaise, L Peyras
Engineering Geology 261, 105272, 2019
Field-scale estimation of soil properties from spectral induced polarization tomography
A Revil, M Schmutz, F Abdulsamad, A Balde, C Beck, A Ghorbani, ...
Geoderma 403, 115380, 2021
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