Agnes Kiraly
Agnes Kiraly
Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), University of Oslo
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Subduction zone interaction: Controls on arcuate belts
Á Király, FA Capitanio, F Funiciello, C Faccenna
Geology 44 (9), 715-718, 2016
Subduction induced mantle flow: Length-scales and orientation of the toroidal cell
Á Király, FA Capitanio, F Funiciello, C Faccenna
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 479, 284-297, 2017
A transdisciplinary and community-driven database to unravel subduction zone initiation
F Crameri, V Magni, M Domeier, GE Shephard, K Chotalia, G Cooper, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-14, 2020
Subduction zones interaction around the Adria microplate and the origin of the Apenninic arc
Á Király, C Faccenna, F Funiciello
Tectonics 37 (10), 3941-3953, 2018
Opposite subduction polarity in adjacent plate segments
M Peral, Á Király, S Zlotnik, F Funiciello, M Fernàndez, C Faccenna, ...
Tectonics 37 (9), 3285-3302, 2018
Modeling Slab‐Slab Interactions: Dynamics of Outward Dipping Double‐Sided Subduction Systems
Á Király, AF Holt, F Funiciello, C Faccenna, FA Capitanio
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19 (3), 693-714, 2018
Impact of the lithosphere on dynamic topography: Insights from analogue modeling
A Sembroni, A Kiraly, C Faccenna, F Funiciello, TW Becker, J Globig, ...
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The effect of slab gaps on subduction dynamics and mantle upwelling
Á Király, DE Portner, KL Haynie, BH Chilson-Parks, T Ghosh, M Jadamec, ...
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Coupling surface and mantle dynamics: A novel experimental approach
A Kiraly, C Faccenna, F Funiciello, A Sembroni
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V Magni, Á Király
Elsevier, 2019
Revisiting the anomalous crustal structure of the Pannonian Basin
Á Király, F Horvath, G Tari
29th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Schladming, 2012
Evolving viscous anisotropy in the upper mantle and its geodynamic implications
Á Király, CP Conrad, LN Hansen
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 21 (10), e2020GC009159, 2020
Dynamic interactions between subduction zones
Á Király, F Funiciello, FA Capitanio, C Faccenna
Global and Planetary Change, 103501, 2021
The formation of viscous anisotropy in the asthenosphere and its effect on plate tectonics
A Kiraly, CP Conrad, LN Hansen, M Fraters
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Subduction Zone Initiation Database 1.0.
K Chotalia, G Cooper, F Crameri, M Domeier, C Eakin, AG Grima, D Gürer, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Does anisotropic mantle viscosity impede changes in plate motion?
Á Király, CP Conrad, M Domeier, LN Hansen
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Subduction zones interaction in the Central Mediterranean: focusing on Adria.
Á Király, C Faccenna, F Funiciello
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Understanding the Effects of Slab Holes on Mantle Flow and Surface Dynamics
A Kiraly, A Makushkina, T Ghosh, KL Haynie, BH Chilson-Parks, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 12544, 2018
Geodynamic consequences of anisotropic mantle viscosity
A Kiraly, CP Conrad, L Hansen
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 12684, 2018
The Effect of Slab Holes on the Surrounding Mantle Flow Field and the Surface from a Multi-Disciplinary Approach
A Kiraly, A Makushkina, DE Portner, BH Parks, T Ghosh, KL Haynie, ...
2017 AGU Fall Meeting, 2017
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