Sandy A. J. Knowles
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Hivatkozott rá
Microstructure and mechanical properties of 6061 Al alloy based composites with SiC nanoparticles
AJ Knowles, X Jiang, M Galano, F Audebert
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 615, S401-S405, 2014
Deformation mechanisms in a metastable beta titanium twinning induced plasticity alloy with high yield strength and high strain hardening rate
J Gao, Y Huang, D Guan, AJ Knowles, L Ma, D Dye, WM Rainforth
Acta Materialia 152, 301-314, 2018
ω phase strengthened 1.2 GPa metastable β titanium alloy with high ductility
J Gao, AJ Knowles, D Guan, WM Rainforth
Scripta Materialia 162, 77-81, 2019
High temperature, low neutron cross-section high-entropy alloys in the Nb-Ti-V-Zr system
DJM King, STY Cheung, SA Humphry-Baker, C Parkin, A Couet, ...
Acta Materialia 166, 435-446, 2019
Novel high strength titanium-titanium composites produced using field-assisted sintering technology (FAST)
EL Calvert, AJ Knowles, JJ Pope, D Dye, M Jackson
Scripta Materialia 159, 51-57, 2019
Laves phase intermetallic matrix composite in situ toughened by ductile precipitates
AJ Knowles, A Bhowmik, S Purkayastha, NG Jones, F Giuliani, WJ Clegg, ...
Scripta Materialia 140, 59-62, 2017
Phase equilibria in the Fe-Mo-Ti ternary system at 1000° C
AJ Knowles, NG Jones, O Messé, JS Barnard, CN Jones, HJ Stone
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 60, 160-168, 2016
The kinetics of primary alpha plate growth in titanium alloys
AK Ackerman, AJ Knowles, HM Gardner, AAN Németh, I Bantounas, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51 (1), 131-141, 2020
Cr-Mo-VW: a new refractory and transition metal high-entropy alloy system
D Ikeuchi, DJM King, KJ Laws, AJ Knowles, RD Aughterson, GR Lumpkin, ...
Scripta Materialia 158, 141-145, 2019
Dye. D. A new bcc superlattice intermetallic reinforced titanium alloy system
AJ Knowles, TS Jun, A Bhowmik, DN Johnstone, TB Britton, F Guiliani, ...
Scr. Mater 140, 71-75, 2017
Rapid electron backscatter diffraction mapping: Painting by numbers
VS Tong, AJ Knowles, D Dye, TB Britton
Materials Characterization 147, 271-279, 2019
A nickel based superalloy reinforced by both Ni3Al and Ni3V ordered-fcc precipitates
AJ Knowles, L Reynolds, VA Vorontsov, D Dye
Scripta Materialia 162, 472-476, 2019
A candidate fusion engineering material, WC-FeCr
SA Humphry-Baker, RW Harrison, G Greaves, AJ Knowles, GDW Smith, ...
Scripta Materialia 155, 129-133, 2018
Development of Ni-free Mn-stabilised maraging steels using Fe2SiTi precipitates
AJ Knowles, P Gong, KM Rahman, WM Rainforth, D Dye, ...
Acta Materialia 174, 260-270, 2019
Effect of ageing on the microstructural evolution in a new design of maraging steels with carbon
P Gong, BP Wynne, AJ Knowles, A Turk, L Ma, EI Galindo-Nava, ...
Acta Materialia 196, 101-121, 2020
A new beta titanium alloy system reinforced with superlattice intermetallic precipitates
AJ Knowles, TS Jun, A Bhowmik, NG Jones, TB Britton, F Giuliani, ...
Scripta Materialia 140, 71-75, 2017
Data on a Laves phase intermetallic matrix composite in situ toughened by ductile precipitates
AJ Knowles, A Bhowmik, S Purkayastha, NG Jones, F Giuliani, WJ Clegg, ...
Data in brief 14, 489-493, 2017
Phase Equilibria in the Fe-Mo-Ti Ternary System at 1173 K (900 C) and 1023 K (750 C)
AJ Knowles, NG Jones, CN Jones, HJ Stone
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 48 (9), 4334-4341, 2017
Tungsten-based bcc-superalloys
AJ Knowles, D Dye, RJ Dodds, A Watson, CD Hardie, SA Humphry-Baker
Applied Materials Today 23, 101014, 2021
Data on the annealing of NbTiVZr at 1200 C with slow cooling rate
C Parkin, DJM King, AJ Knowles, A Couet
Data in brief 24, 103921, 2019
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