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Sleep quality during the COVID-19 pandemic: not one size fits all
D Kocevska, TF Blanken, EJW Van Someren, L Rösler
Sleep medicine 76, 86-88, 2020
7T proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of gamma-aminobutyric acid, glutamate, and glutamine reveals altered concentrations in patients with schizophrenia and healthy siblings
KN Thakkar, L Rösler, JP Wijnen, VO Boer, DWJ Klomp, W Cahn, ...
Biological psychiatry 81 (6), 525-535, 2017
Orienting towards social features in naturalistic scenes is reflexive
L Rösler, A End, M Gamer
PLoS One 12 (7), e0182037, 2017
Freezing of gaze during action preparation under threat imminence
L Rösler, M Gamer
Scientific reports 9 (1), 17215, 2019
Social anxiety is associated with heart rate but not gaze behavior in a real social interaction
L Rösler, S Göhring, M Strunz, M Gamer
Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 70, 101600, 2021
Failure to use corollary discharge to remap visual target locations is associated with psychotic symptom severity in schizophrenia
L Rösler, M Rolfs, S Van der Stigchel, SFW Neggers, W Cahn, RS Kahn, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 114 (2), 1129-1136, 2015
Attentional selection of social features persists despite restricted bottom-up information and affects temporal viewing dynamics
A Flechsenhar*, L Rösler*, M Gamer
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
Structural thalamofrontal hypoconnectivity is related to oculomotor corollary discharge dysfunction in schizophrenia
B Yao, SFW Neggers, M Rolfs, L Rösler, IA Thompson, HJ Hopman, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (11), 2102-2113, 2019
Actigraphy in studies on insomnia: Worth the effort?
L Rösler, G van Der Lande, J Leerssen, R Cox, JR Ramautar, ...
Journal of Sleep Research 32 (1), e13750, 2023
Combining cardiac monitoring with actigraphy aids nocturnal arousal detection during ambulatory sleep assessment in insomnia
L Rösler, G Van Der Lande, J Leerssen, AG Vandegriffe, O Lakbila-Kamal, ...
Sleep 45 (5), zsac031, 2022
Transdiagnostic comparison of visual working memory capacity in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
CV Barnes-Scheufler, C Passow, L Rösler, JS Mayer, V Oertel, ...
International Journal of Bipolar Disorders 9, 1-12, 2021
The first‐night effect and the consistency of short sleep in insomnia disorder
R Cox, L Rösler, FD Weber, TF Blanken, R Wassing, JR Ramautar, ...
Journal of sleep research 33 (1), e13897, 2024
Cognitive, behavioral, and circadian rhythm interventions for insomnia alter emotional brain responses
J Leerssen, M Aghajani, T Bresser, L Rösler, AM Winkler, ...
Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging 9 (1), 60-69, 2024
Associations between N-Acetylaspartate and white matter integrity in individuals with schizophrenia and unaffected relatives
D Roberts, L Rösler, JP Wijnen, KN Thakkar
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 330, 111612, 2023
Artificial faces predict gaze allocation in complex dynamic scenes
L Rösler, M Rubo, M Gamer
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 2877, 2019
Social anxiety is associated with alterations in heart rate but not gaze in a real social interaction
L Rösler, S Göhring, M Strunz, M Gamer
PsyArXiv, 2019
External cues improve visual working memory encoding in the presence of salient distractors in schizophrenia
CV Barnes-Scheufler, L Rösler, M Schaum, C Schiweck, B Peters, ...
Psychological Medicine, 1-10, 2024
Improved correspondence of fMRI visual field localizer data after cortex-based macroanatomical alignment
M Qubad, CV Barnes-Scheufler, M Schaum, E Raspor, L Rösler, B Peters, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 14310, 2022
Freezing of gaze supports action preparation under threat imminence
L Rösler, M Gamer
JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION 126 (11), 1540-1540, 2019
Freezing as Flight Preparation: Evidence from Electrodermal, Cardiovascular and Gaze Recordings
L Rösler, M Gamer
PsyArXiv, 2019
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