Dávid U. Nagy
Dávid U. Nagy
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Hivatkozott rá
Chemical Characterization of Leaves, Male and Female Flowers from Spontaneous Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) Growing in Hungary
DU Nagy, K Cianfaglione, F Maggi, S Sut, S Dall'Acqua
Chemistry & Biodiversity 16 (3), e1800562, 2019
Impact of an invader on species diversity is stronger in the non-native range than in the native range
KJ Ledger, RW Pal, P Murphy, DU Nagy, R Filep, RM Callaway
Plant Ecology 216, 1285-1295, 2015
Impacts of Solidago gigantea on other species at home and away
RW Pal, S Chen, DU Nagy, RM Callaway
Biological Invasions 17, 3317-3325, 2015
Polar Constituents, Essential Oil and Antioxidant Activity of Marsh Woundwort (Stachys palustris L.)
A Venditti, C Frezza, A Bianco, M Serafini, K Cianfaglione, DU Nagy, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 14 (3), e1600401, 2017
Evaluation of two invasive plant invaders in Europe (Solidago canadensis and Solidago gigantea) as possible sources of botanical insecticides
G Benelli, R Pavela, K Cianfaglione, DU Nagy, A Canale, F Maggi
Journal of Pest Science 92, 805-821, 2019
Melissopalynology, antioxidant activity and multielement analysis of two types of early spring honeys from Hungary
A Bodó, L Radványi, T Kőszegi, R Csepregi, DU Nagy, Á Farkas, ...
Food Bioscience 35, 100587, 2020
Climate outweighs native vs. nonnative range‐effects for genetics and common garden performance of a cosmopolitan weed
C Rosche, I Hensen, A Schaar, U Zehra, M Jasieniuk, RM Callaway, ...
Ecological Monographs 89 (4), e01386, 2019
Does higher ploidy level increase the risk of invasion? A case study with two geo-cytotypes of Solidago gigantea Aiton (Asteraceae)
DU Nagy, S Stranczinger, A Godi, A Weisz, C Rosche, J Suda, M Mariano, ...
Journal of Plant Ecology 11 (2), 317-327, 2018
The more we do, the less we gain? Balancing effort and efficacy in managing the Solidago gigantea invasion
DU Nagy, ESJ Rauschert, T Henn, K Cianfaglione, S Stranczinger, ...
Weed Research 60 (3), 232-240, 2020
Quality evaluation of light-and dark-colored Hungarian honeys, focusing on botanical origin, antioxidant capacity and mineral content
A Bodó, L Radványi, T Kőszegi, R Csepregi, DU Nagy, Á Farkas, ...
Molecules 26 (9), 2825, 2021
Anti-Haemophilus Activity of Selected Essential Oils Detected by TLC-Direct Bioautography and Biofilm Inhibition
VL Balázs, B Horváth, E Kerekes, K Ács, B Kocsis, A Varga, ...
Molecules 24 (18), 3301, 2019
Effect of chicory-derived inulin-type fructans on abundance of Bifidobacterium and on bowel function: a systematic review with meta-analyses
DU Nagy, KA Sándor-Bajusz, B Bódy, T Decsi, J Van Harsselaar, S Theis, ...
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 63 (33), 12018-12035, 2023
What happens in Europe stays in Europe: apparent evolution by an invader does not help at home
RW Pal, JL Maron, DU Nagy, LP Waller, A Tosto, H Liao, RM Callaway
Ecology 101 (8), e03072, 2020
Can seasonal dynamics of allelochemicals play a role in plant invasions? A case study with Helianthus tuberosus L.
R Filep, RW Pal, VL Balázs, M Mayer, DU Nagy, BJ Cook, Á Farkas
Plant Ecology 217, 1489-1501, 2016
Investigation of the PD-1 and PD-L1 immune checkpoint molecules throughout healthy human pregnancy and in nonpregnant women
M Meggyes, DU Nagy, L Szereday
Journal of Clinical Medicine 9 (8), 2536, 2020
Intense mowing management suppresses invader, but shifts competitive resistance by a native to facilitation
DU Nagy, ESJ Rauschert, RM Callaway, T Henn, R Filep, RW Pal
Restoration Ecology, e13483, 2021
Escape from natural enemies depends on the enemies, the invader, and competition
JE Lucero, NM Arab, ST Meyer, RW Pal, RA Fletcher, DU Nagy, ...
Ecology and evolution 10 (19), 10818-10828, 2020
Desiccated diaspores from building materials: methodological aspects of processing mudbrick for archaeobotanical studies and first results of a study of earth buildings in …
T Henn, S Jacomet, DU Nagy, RW Pál
Vegetation history and archaeobotany 24, 427-440, 2015
Soil Humus, Iron, Sulphate and Magnesium Content Affect Nectar Traits of Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum L.)
A Bodó, Á Farkas, DU Nagy, K Rudolf, R Hoffmann, M Kocsis, ...
Plants 10 (3), 597, 2021
Examination of the TIGIT-CD226-CD112-CD155 Immune Checkpoint Network during a healthy pregnancy
M Meggyes, DU Nagy, T Feik, A Boros, B Polgar, L Szereday
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (18), 10776, 2022
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