David C. Quiros
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Greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty natural gas, hybrid, and conventional diesel on-road trucks during freight transport
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Ultrafine particle exposures while walking, cycling, and driving along an urban residential roadway
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Real-world emissions from modern heavy-duty diesel, natural gas, and hybrid diesel trucks operating along major California freight corridors
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Characteristics of particle number and mass emissions during heavy-duty diesel truck parked active DPF regeneration in an ambient air dilution tunnel
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Air quality impacts of a scheduled 36-h closure of a major highway
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Using a new inversion matrix for a fast-sizing spectrometer and a photo-acoustic instrument to determine suspended particulate mass over a transient cycle for light-duty vehicles
J Xue, Y Li, D Quiros, X Wang, TD Durbin, KC Johnson, G Karavalakis, ...
Aerosol Science and Technology 50 (11), 1227-1238, 2016
How do particle number, surface area, and mass correlate with toxicity of diesel particle emissions as measured in chemical and cellular assays?
J Xue, S Hu, D Quiros, A Ayala, HS Jung
Chemosphere 229, 559-569, 2019
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