Peter D. Neff
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
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Nature 500 (7463), 440-444, 2013
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EJ Steig, Q Ding, JWC White, M Küttel, SB Rupper, TA Neumann, PD Neff, ...
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PD Neff, NAN Bertler
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C Buizert, B Adrian, J Ahn, M Albert, RB Alley, D Baggenstos, TK Bauska, ...
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VHL Winton, R Edwards, B Delmonte, A Ellis, PS Andersson, A Bowie, ...
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PD Neff
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Core handling and processing for the WAIS Divide ice-core project
JMS MS Twickler, GM Hargreaves, BM Bencivengo, MJ Kippenhan, JA Johnson, ED ...
Annals of Glaciology 55 (68), 15-26, 2014
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Amundsen Sea coastal ice rises: Future sites for marine-focused ice core records
P Neff
Oceanography 33 (2), 2020
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PD Neff, JR Andreasen, HA Roop, J Pundsack, B Howe, G Jacobs, ...
University of Minnesota, 139, 2021
Using atmospheric 14CO to provide additional constraints for global OH: results from a new approach and potential for future measurements.
V Petrenko, L Murray, A Smith, E Crosier, A Colton, Q Hua, B Yang, ...
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The extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica “heat” wave. Part I: observations and meteorological drivers
JD Wille, SP Alexander, C Amory, R Baiman, L Barthélemy, ...
Journal of Climate, 2023
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