Elisavet Georgopoulou
Elisavet Georgopoulou
Hellenic Mediterranean University
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A gastropod-based biogeographic scheme for the European Neogene freshwater systems
TA Neubauer, M Harzhauser, A Kroh, E Georgopoulou, O Mandic
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K Kougioumoutzis, AT Valli, E Georgopoulou, SM Simaiakis, KA Triantis, ...
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O Bronstein, E Georgopoulou, A Kroh
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Predicting species richness and distribution ranges of centipedes at the northern edge of Europe
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The FreshGEN database: freshwater gastropods of the European Neogene
TA Neubauer, M Harzhauser, A Kroh, E Georgopoulou, O Mandic
Home range and habitat selection of long-eared owls (Asio otus) in Mediterranean agricultural landscapes (Crete, Greece)
D Emin, AG Toxopeus, ITA Groen, I Kontogeorgos, E Georgopoulou, ...
Avian Biology Research 11 (3), 204-218, 2018
The diet of the Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae) in the Aegean archipelago (Greece)
SM Xirouchakis, H Alivizatos, E Georgopoulou, A Dimalexis, P Latsoudis, ...
Journal of Natural History 53 (29-30), 1767-1785, 2019
Disjunct distribution of the Miocene limpet-like freshwater gastropod genus Delminiella
M Harzhauser, O Mandic, TA Neubauer, E Georgopoulou, A Hassler
Journal of Molluscan Studies 82 (1), 129-136, 2016
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