Holly J. Stein
Holly J. Stein
Research Professor, AIRIE Program, Colorado State University and University of Oslo, Norway
E-mail megerősítve itt: colostate.edu - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
Dating the rise of atmospheric oxygen
A Bekker, HD Holland, PL Wang, D Rumble, HJ Stein, JL Hannah, ...
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The remarkable Re–Os chronometer in molybdenite: how and why it works
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Highly precise and accurate Re-Os ages for molybdenite from the East Qinling molybdenum belt, Shaanxi Province, China
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Re-Os ages for Archean molybdenite and pyrite, Kuittila-Kivisuo, Finland and Proterozoic molybdenite, Kabeliai, Lithuania: Testing the chronometer in a metamorphic and …
HJ Stein, K Sundblad, RJ Markey, JW Morgan, G Motuza
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Subgrain-scale decoupling of Re and 187Os and assessment of laser ablation ICP-MS spot dating in molybdenite
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Geology, mineralization, alteration, and structural evolution of the El Teniente porphyry Cu-Mo deposit
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High-grade granite-related molybdenum system: classification and origin
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Mineral deposit modeling, 521-554, 1993
Age constraints on Jerritt Canyon and other carlin-type gold deposits in the Western United States; relationship to mid-Tertiary extension and magmatism
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Standardizing Re–Os geochronology: a new molybdenite reference material (Henderson, USA) and the stoichiometry of Os salts
R Markey, HJ Stein, JL Hannah, A Zimmerman, D Selby, RA Creaser
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Regional setting and geochronology of the Late Cretaceous Banatitic magmatic and metallogenetic belt
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Internal differentiation of rare-element pegmatites: a synthesis of recent research
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Adakites in the Truong Son and Loei fold belts, Thailand and Laos: genesis and implications for geodynamics and metallogeny
T Kamvong, K Zaw, S Meffre, R Maas, H Stein, CK Lai
Gondwana Research 26 (1), 165-184, 2014
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