Arindam Mukherjee
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Catechol oxidase and phenoxazinone synthase: Biomimetic functional models and mechanistic studies
SK Dey, A Mukherjee
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Cytotoxicity, hydrophobicity, uptake, and distribution of osmium (II) anticancer complexes in ovarian cancer cells
SH van Rijt, A Mukherjee, AM Pizarro, PJ Sadler
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Helical supramolecular host with aquapores anchoring alternate molecules of helical water chains
A Mukherjee, MK Saha, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
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Magnetostructural Studies on Ferromagnetically Coupled Copper(II) Cubanes of Schiff‐Base Ligands
A Mukherjee, R Raghunathan, MK Saha, M Nethaji, S Ramasesha, ...
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Cubane {CuII4} Cluster as a Precursor for the Preparation of a Mixed‐Valent {CuII12CuI2} Core
A Mukherjee, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
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Covalent linkage of the type-2 and type-3 structural mimics to model the active site structure of multicopper oxidases: Synthesis and magneto-structural properties of two …
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A Mukherjee, S Dhar, M Nethaji, AR Chakravarty
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Ruthenium (II) p-cymene complexes of a benzimidazole-based ligand capable of VEGFR2 inhibition: hydrolysis, reactivity and cytotoxicity studies
S Bhattacharyya, K Purkait, A Mukherjee
Dalton Transactions 46 (26), 8539-8554, 2017
Dicopper (II) Schiff base aminobenzoates with discrete molecular and 1D-chain polymeric structures
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of an Alkoxo− Hydroxo-Bridged Octanuclear Copper (II) Complex Showing Chemically Significant Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions …
A Mukherjee, I Rudra, M Nethaji, S Ramasesha, AR Chakravarty
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Zero‐Order Catechol Oxidase Activity by a Mononuclear Manganese (III) Complex Showing High Turnover Comparable to Catechol Oxidase Enzyme
SK Dey, A Mukherjee
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Copper (II) complex of methionine conjugated bis-pyrazole based ligand promotes dual pathway for DNA cleavage
S Bhattacharyya, A Sarkar, SK Dey, GP Jose, A Mukherjee, TK Sengupta
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Periodic iron nanomineralization in human serum transferrin fibrils
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Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of quasi-linear tetranuclear copper (II) Schiff base complexes formed by covalent linkage of asymmetrically dibridged …
A Mukherjee, MK Saha, I Rudra, S Ramasesha, M Nethaji, ...
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Effect of N,N Coordination and RuII Halide Bond in Enhancing Selective Toxicity of a Tyramine-Based RuII (p-Cymene) Complex
A Mukherjee, S Acharya, K Purkait, K Chakraborty, A Bhattacharjee, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (9), 6581-6594, 2020
Anticancer activity of a cis-dichloridoplatinum (ii) complex of a chelating nitrogen mustard: Insight into unusual guanine binding mode and low deactivation by glutathione
S Karmakar, K Purkait, S Chatterjee, A Mukherjee
Dalton Transactions 45 (8), 3599-3615, 2016
Effect of glucosamine conjugation to zinc (II) complexes of a bis-pyrazole ligand: Syntheses, characterization and anticancer activity
S Bhattacharyya, A Sarkar, SK Dey, A Mukherjee
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 140, 131-142, 2014
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