Borzov Ivan
Borzov Ivan
EMMI Visiting Professor
E-mail megerősítve itt: gsi.de
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Gamow-Teller and first-forbidden decays near the r-process paths at N= 50, 8 2, and 126
IN Borzov
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Beta-decay rates
IN Borzov
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Storage ring at HIE-ISOLDE: Technical design report
M Grieser, YA Litvinov, R Raabe, K Blaum, Y Blumenfeld, PA Butler, ...
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β-delayed neutron emission in the region
IN Borzov
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Nguyen Van Giai 2004
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The puzzle of the synthesis of the rare nuclide La
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Magnetic moments of spherical nuclei: Status of the problem and unsolved issues
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First Measurement of Several -Delayed Neutron Emitting Isotopes Beyond
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Large -Delayed One and Two Neutron Emission Rates in the Decay of
K Miernik, KP Rykaczewski, CJ Gross, R Grzywacz, M Madurga, D Miller, ...
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Nuclear Physics A 814 (1-4), 159-173, 2008
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