Michael J Cheadle
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Hivatkozott rá
The application of electron backscatter diffraction and orientation contrast imaging in the SEM to textural problems in rocks
DJ Prior, AP Boyle, F Brenker, MC Cheadle, A Day, G Lopez, L Peruzzi, ...
American Mineralogist 84 (11-12), 1741-1759, 1999
Temperatures in ambient mantle and plumes: Constraints from basalts, picrites, and komatiites
C Herzberg, PD Asimow, N Arndt, Y Niu, CM Lesher, JG Fitton, ...
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Trace element chemistry of zircons from oceanic crust: A method for distinguishing detrital zircon provenance
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Constraining the potential temperature of the Archaean mantle: a review of the evidence from komatiites
EG Nisbet, MJ Cheadle, NT Arndt, MJ Bickle
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“Fingerprinting” tectono-magmatic provenance using trace elements in igneous zircon
CB Grimes, JL Wooden, MJ Cheadle, BE John
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On the occurrence, trace element geochemistry, and crystallization history of zircon from in situ ocean lithosphere
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Quantifying the building blocks of igneous rocks: are clustered crystal frameworks the foundation?
DA Jerram, MJ Cheadle, AR Philpotts
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Deep reflections from the Caledonides and Variscides west of Britain and comparison with the Himalayas
DH Matthews, MJ Cheadle
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Were komatiites wet?
N Arndt, C Ginibre, C Chauvel, F Albarede, M Cheadle, C Herzberg, ...
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The spatial distribution of grains and crystals in rocks
DA Jerram, MJ Cheadle, RH Hunter, MT Elliott
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Protracted construction of gabbroic crust at a slow spreading ridge: Constraints from 206Pb/238U zircon ages from Atlantis Massif and IODP Hole U1309D (30°N …
CB Grimes, BE John, MJ Cheadle, JL Wooden
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 9 (8), 2008
Extensional structures on the western UK continental shelf: a review of evidence from deep seismic profiling
MJ Cheadle, S McGeary, MR Warner, DH Matthews
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EG Nisbet, NT Arndt, MJ Bickle, WE Cameron, C Chauvel, M Cheadle, ...
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Peridotite sills and metasomatic gabbros in the Eastern Layered Series of the Rhum complex
JH Bédard, RSJ Sparks, R Renner, MJ Cheadle, MA Hallworth
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The deep crustal structure of the Mojave Desert, California, from COCORP seismic reflection data
MJ Cheadle, BL Czuchra, T Byrne, CJ Ando, JE Oliver, LD Brown, ...
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Crustal profile of mountain belt: COCORP deep seismic reflection profiling in New England Appalachians and implications for architecture of convergent mountain chains
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Early Tertiary plume uplift of the North Sea and Faeroe-Shetland basins
PA Nadin, NJ Kusznir, MJ Cheadle
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Quantitative modeling of granitic melt generation and segregation in the continental crust
MD Jackson, MJ Cheadle, MP Atherton
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Leg 209 summary: Processes in a 20‐km‐thick conductive boundary layer beneath the Mid‐Atlantic Ridge, 14–16 N
PB Kelemen, E Kikawa, DJ Miller, SS Party
Proceedings of the ocean drilling program, scientific results 209, 1-33, 2007
Primitive layered gabbros from fast-spreading lower oceanic crust
KM Gillis, JE Snow, A Klaus, N Abe, AB Adriao, N Akizawa, G Ceuleneer, ...
Nature 505 (7482), 204-207, 2014
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