Sara Morón
Sara Morón
School of Geosciences - The University of Sydney
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Evidence for middle Eocene and younger land emergence in central Panama: Implications for Isthmus closure
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Clay mineralogy constraining the middle-Miocene climatic optimum in Panama
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Fluvial reservoirs in dryland endorheic basins: the Lake Eyre Basin as a world-class modern analogue
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Denuding a craton: Thermochronology record of Phanerozoic unroofing from the Pilbara Craton, Australia
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The structural evolution of the North West Shelf: a thermomechanical modeling approach using stratified lithospheric rheologies and surface processes
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Ciclicidad en la Formación Cerrejón
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Downstream grain‐size changes associated with a transition from single channel to anabranching
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Dynamics of arc-continent collision: the role of crustal-mantle dynamics on controlling the spatio-temporal evolution of stress
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Multiphase oblique extension on the North West Shelf of Australia
C Elders, S Moron
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-14515, 2021
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