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Hivatkozott rá
Amber 2021
DA Case, HM Aktulga, K Belfon, I Ben-Shalom, SR Brozell, DS Cerutti, ...
University of California, San Francisco, 2021
Efficient and stable large-area perovskite solar cells with inorganic charge extraction layers
W Chen, Y Wu, Y Yue, J Liu, W Zhang, X Yang, H Chen, E Bi, I Ashraful, ...
Science 350 (6263), 944-948, 2015
A novel role for 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfate in herpes simplex virus 1 entry
D Shukla, J Liu, P Blaiklock, NW Shworak, X Bai, JD Esko, GH Cohen, ...
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E-eyes: device-free location-oriented activity identification using fine-grained wifi signatures
Y Wang, J Liu, Y Chen, M Gruteser, J Yang, H Liu
Proceedings of the 20th annual international conference on Mobile computing …, 2014
Antioxidant and free radical-scavenging activities of chickpea protein hydrolysate (CPH)
Y Li, B Jiang, T Zhang, W Mu, J Liu
Food chemistry 106 (2), 444-450, 2008
Retarding the crystallization of PbI 2 for highly reproducible planar-structured perovskite solar cells via sequential deposition
Y Wu, A Islam, X Yang, C Qin, J Liu, K Zhang, W Peng, L Han
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (9), 2934-2938, 2014
Genetic deficiency and pharmacological stabilization of mast cells reduce diet-induced obesity and diabetes in mice
J Liu, A Divoux, J Sun, J Zhang, K Clément, JN Glickman, GK Sukhova, ...
Nature medicine 15 (8), 940-945, 2009
Highly reproducible Sn‐based hybrid perovskite solar cells with 9% efficiency
S Shao, J Liu, G Portale, HH Fang, GR Blake, GH ten Brink, LJA Koster, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (4), 1702019, 2018
Graphitic carbon nitride “reloaded”: emerging applications beyond (photo) catalysis
J Liu, H Wang, M Antonietti
Chemical Society Reviews 45 (8), 2308-2326, 2016
A dopant-free hole-transporting material for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
J Liu, Y Wu, C Qin, X Yang, T Yasuda, A Islam, K Zhang, W Peng, W Chen, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (9), 2963-2967, 2014
Nucleic acid amplification utilizing microfluidic devices
MM Enzelberger, J Liu, SR Quake
US Patent 6,960,437, 2005
Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field
JT Heron, JL Bosse, Q He, Y Gao, M Trassin, L Ye, JD Clarkson, C Wang, ...
Nature 516 (7531), 370-373, 2014
Highly efficient capture of circulating tumor cells by using nanostructured silicon substrates with integrated chaotic micromixers
S Wang, K Liu, J Liu, ZTF Yu, X Xu, L Zhao, T Lee, EK Lee, J Reiss, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (13), 3140-3144, 2011
Room-temperature antiferromagnetic memory resistor
X Marti, I Fina, C Frontera, J Liu, P Wadley, Q He, RJ Paull, JD Clarkson, ...
Nature materials 13 (4), 367-374, 2014
Syndrome X and mortality: a population-based study
M Trevisan, J Liu, FB Bahsas, A Menotti, ...
American journal of epidemiology 148 (10), 958-966, 1998
Effects of feedstock and pyrolysis temperature on biochar adsorption of ammonium and nitrate
X Gai, H Wang, J Liu, L Zhai, S Liu, T Ren, H Liu
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A review on photocatalysis for air treatment: From catalyst development to reactor design
Y Boyjoo, H Sun, J Liu, VK Pareek, S Wang
Chemical engineering journal 310, 537-559, 2017
Contrasting Late Carboniferous and Late Permian–Middle Triassic intrusive suites from the northern margin of the North China craton: Geochronology, petrogenesis, and tectonic …
SH Zhang, Y Zhao, B Song, JM Hu, SW Liu, YH Yang, FK Chen, XM Liu, ...
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Heparan sulfate proteoglycans of the cardiovascular system. Specific structures emerge but how is synthesis regulated?
RD Rosenberg, NW Shworak, J Liu, JJ Schwartz, L Zhang
The Journal of clinical investigation 99 (9), 2062-2070, 1997
Integrin-YAP/TAZ-JNK cascade mediates atheroprotective effect of unidirectional shear flow
L Wang, JY Luo, B Li, XY Tian, LJ Chen, Y Huang, J Liu, D Deng, CW Lau, ...
Nature 540 (7634), 579-582, 2016
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