Mirshod Ermamatov
Mirshod Ermamatov
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent 100214, Uzbekistan
E-mail megerősítve itt: inp.uz
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Two-neutron transfer analysis of the O 16 (O 18, O 16) O 18 reaction
MJ Ermamatov, F Cappuzzello, J Lubian, M Cubero, C Agodi, D Carbone, ...
Phys. Rev. C 94, 024610, 2016
Comprehensive analysis of high-lying states in 18 O populated with (t, p) and (18 O, 16 O) reactions
MJ Ermamatov, R Linares, J Lubian, JL Ferreira, F Cappuzzello, ...
Physical Review C 96 (4), 044603, 2017
Reactions with Weakly Bound Nuclei, at near Barrier Energies, and the Breakup and Transfer Influences on the Fusion and Elastic Scattering
PRS Gomes, J Lubian, LF Canto, DR Otomar, DRM Junior, PN de Faria, ...
Few-Body Systems 57 (3), 165-176, 2016
Application of the semimicroscopic algebraic cluster model to core+ α nuclei in the p and s d shells
H Yépez-Martínez, MJ Ermamatov, PR Fraser, PO Hess
Physical Review C 86 (3), 034309, 2012
Analysis of the one-neutron transfer to , and induced by the reaction at 84 MeV
R Linares, MJ Ermamatov, J Lubian, F Cappuzzello, D Carbone, ...
Physical Review C 98 (5), 054615, 2018
Rotational-vibrational excited states of axially symmetric nuclei with different mass parameters
MJ Ermamatov, PR Fraser
Physical Review C 84 (4), 044321, 2011
High-spin structures of Xe, Cs, Ba, La, and Ce: A shell model description
PC Srivastava, MJ Ermamatov, IO Morales
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 40 (3), 035106, 2013
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PC Srivastava, MJ Ermamatov
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Rotational analog of the Hall effect: Coriolis contribution to electric current
BJ Ahmedov, MJ Ermamatov
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Analysis of proton and neutron pair breakings: High-spin structures of 124–127Te isotopes
V Kumar, PC Srivastava, MJ Ermamatov, IO Morales
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Analysis of the alpha-transfer reaction in the 12C + 16O system using the semi-microscopic algebraic cluster model
JL Ferreira, J Lubian, R Linares, MJ Ermamatov, H Yépez-Martínez, ...
The European Physical Journal A 55 (6), 94, 2019
Neutron pick-up in the 55Mn(d, t)54Mn reaction
EN Cardozo, MJ Ermamatov, JL Ferreira, B Paes, M Sinha, J Lubian
The European Physical Journal A 54, 1-10, 2018
Electrical conductivity in general relativity
BJ Ahmedov, MJ Ermamatov
Foundations of Physics Letters 15, 137-151, 2002
Excited states of deformable nonaxial odd nuclei
S Sharipov, MJ Ermamatov
Physics of Atomic Nuclei 65, 426-436, 2002
Ground-state, β and K = 11/2 γ bands in 163, 165Er
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Different seniority states of Sn isotopes: shell-model description
PC Srivastava, B Bhoy, MJ Ermamatov
Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2019 (10), 103D01, 2019
Microscopically derived potential energy surfaces from mostly structural considerations
MJ Ermamatov, PO Hess
Annals of Physics 371, 125-158, 2016
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