Richard J Vogt
Richard J Vogt
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Hivatkozott rá
Ecology under lake ice
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Functional traits
CA Nock, RJ Vogt, BE Beisner
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K Finlay, RJ Vogt, MJ Bogard, B Wissel, BM Tutolo, GL Simpson, ...
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From elements to function: toward unifying ecological stoichiometry and trait-based ecology
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Using functional traits to investigate the determinants of crustacean zooplankton community structure
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Differential effects of energy and mass influx on the landscape synchrony of lake ecosystems
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Functional diversity is positively associated with biomass for lake diatoms
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Nutrient enrichment weakens the stabilizing effect of species richness
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Unabated nitrogen pollution favors growth of toxic cyanobacteria over chlorophytes in most hypereutrophic lakes
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Maintenance of positive diversity-stability relations along a gradient of environmental stress
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Variation in particulate C: N: P stoichiometry across the Lake Erie watershed from tributaries to its outflow
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Decadal regulation of phytoplankton abundance and water clarity in a large continental reservoir by climatic, hydrologic and trophic processes
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Seasonality of pCO2 in a hard‐water lake of the northern Great Plains: The legacy effects of climate and limnological conditions over 36 years
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Food web consequences of size‐based predation and vertical migration of an invertebrate predator (Leptodora kindtii)
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RJ Vogt, BE Beisner
Journal of Plankton Research 33 (11), 1757-1761, 2011
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