Joel H. Edwards
Joel H. Edwards
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Assessment of favorable structural settings of geothermal systems in the Great Basin, western USA
JE Faulds, NH Hinz, MF Coolbaugh, PH Cashman, C Kratt, G Dering, ...
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Electronic structure effects in the vectorial bond-valence model
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Three-dimensional geologic mapping to assess geothermal potential: examples from Nevada and Oregon
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Corrugated megathrust revealed offshore from Costa Rica
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Nature Geoscience 13 (5), 369-374, 2020
Pleistocene vertical motions of the Costa Rican outer forearc from subducting topography and a migrating fracture zone triple junction
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Preliminary assessment of the structural controls of Neal Hot Springs geothermal field, Malhuer County, Oregon
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Geotherm Resour Council Trans 36, 891-6, 2012
Structural Controls of the Neal Hot Springs Geothermal System, Eastern Oregon
JH Edwards
University of Nevada, Reno, 2013
How subduction megathrust structural variability impacts earthquakes
JD Kirkpatrick, J Edwards, A Verdecchia, J Kluesner, RM Harrington, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, T11G-0225, 2018
High-resolution seafloor imaging of the diverse North Hikurangi Margin, including the creeping and catastrophic North Tuaheni Landslide
J Edwards, NL Bangs, S Han, DHN Barker, T Harold, TJ Reston, R Arai, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, T51I-0311, 2018
Detection and analysis of Long-Period Long-Duration Signals at the Lightning Dock geothermal field, New Mexico, using machine learning
F Civilini, AL Husker, J Edwards
AGU Fall Meeting 2021, 2021
Geothermal Flow Imaging at the Lightning Dock Geothermal Area, New Mexico Using Long-Period Passive Seismic Signals
K Gao, L Huang, J Edwards, TT Cladouhos
AGU Fall Meeting 2021, 2021
In‐situ mass balance estimates offshore Costa Rica
J Edwards, J Kluenser, E Silver, R Lauer, N Bangs, B Boston
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 22 (2), e2020GC009190, 2021
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3D Kinematic Modeling and Restoration of the Costa Rican Margin: Unraveling a Complex Geologic and Tectonic History of Subduction
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Statistical approach to neural network imaging of karst systems in 3D seismic reflection data
DR Ebuna, JW Kluesner, KJ Cunningham, JH Edwards
Interpretation 6 (3), B15-B35, 2018
Outer Forearc Dynamics Offshore Costa Rica From 3D Seismic Imaging: Challenging Long Held Assumptions of Non-Accretionary Convergent Margins
JH Edwards
University of California, Santa Cruz, 2018
High-resolution seismic attribute analysis for the detection of methane hydrate and substrate fluid migration pathways along the central US Atlantic Margin
J Kluesner, CD Ruppel, DS Brothers, WW Danforth, JH Edwards, PE Hart
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, OS31B-08, 2015
IODP tackles the Hikurangi Margin of New Zealand with two drilling expeditions to unlock the secrets of slow-slip events
MGLPR Aral, S Ball, N Bangs, D Barker, J Edwards, M Gray, S Han, ...
Potential Fluid-Migration Pathways Indicated by Multichannel-Seismic Data From the Southeastern Florida Platform
KJ Cunningham, JW Kluesner, RL Westcott, JH Edwards
AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, 0
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