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Olivier Fabbri
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Hivatkozott rá
Seismic slip propagation to the updip end of plate boundary subduction interface faults: Vitrinite reflectance geothermometry on Integrated Ocean Drilling Program NanTro SEIZE …
A Sakaguchi, F Chester, D Curewitz, O Fabbri, D Goldsby, G Kimura, ...
Geology 39 (4), 395-398, 2011
Arabia‐Somalia plate kinematics, evolution of the Aden‐Owen‐Carlsberg triple junction, and opening of the Gulf of Aden
M Fournier, N Chamot‐Rooke, C Petit, P Huchon, A Al‐Kathiri, L Audin, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B4), 2010
Clay‐clast aggregates: A new textural evidence for seismic fault sliding?
S Boutareaud, DG Calugaru, R Han, O Fabbri, K Mizoguchi, A Tsutsumi, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (5), 2008
Interactions between thin‐and thick‐skinned tectonics at the northwestern front of the Jura fold‐and‐thrust belt (eastern France)
H Madritsch, SM Schmid, O Fabbri
Tectonics 27 (5), 2008
Progressive illitization in fault gouge caused by seismic slip propagation along a megasplay fault in the Nankai Trough
A Yamaguchi, A Sakaguchi, T Sakamoto, K Iijima, J Kameda, G Kimura, ...
Geology 39 (11), 995-998, 2011
Interactions between deformation and fluids in the frontal thrust region of the NanTroSEIZE transect offshore the Kii Peninsula, Japan: Results from IODP Expedition 316 Sites …
E Screaton, G Kimura, D Curewitz, G Moore, F Chester, O Fabbri, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (12), 2009
In situ evidence for dextral active motion at the Arabia–India plate boundary
M Fournier, N Chamot-Rooke, C Petit, O Fabbri, P Huchon, B Maillot, ...
Nature Geoscience 1 (1), 54-58, 2008
Coeval formation of cataclasite and pseudotachylyte in a Miocene forearc granodiorite, southern Kyushu, Japan
O Fabbri, A Lin, H Tokushige
Journal of Structural Geology 22 (8), 1015-1025, 2000
NanTroSEIZE Stage 1: NanTROSEIZE shallow megasplay and frontal thrusts
G Kimura
IODP Sci. Prosp. 316, 2007
Oblique rifting and segmentation of the NE Gulf of Aden passive margin
M Fournier, N Bellahsen, O Fabbri, Y Gunnell
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 5 (11), 2004
Regional seismicity and on‐land deformation in the Ryukyu arc: Implications for the kinematics of opening of the Okinawa Trough
M Fournier, O Fabbri, J Angelier, JP Cadet
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 106 (B7), 13751-13768, 2001
Functioning and precipitation-displacement modelling of rainfall-induced deep-seated landslides subject to creep deformation
A Vallet, JB Charlier, O Fabbri, C Bertrand, N Carry, J Mudry
Landslides 13 (4), 653-670, 2016
Site C0012
M Strasser, B Dugan, K Kanagawa, GF Moore, S Toczko, L Maeda, Y Kido, ...
Proc. IODP| Volume 338, 2, 2014
Alternate senses of displacement along the Tsushima fault system during the Neogene based on fracture analyses near the western margin of the Japan Sea
O Fabbri, J Charvet, M Fournier
Tectonophysics 257 (2-4), 275-295, 1996
Post‐seismic permeability change in a shallow fractured aquifer following a ML 5.1 earthquake (Fourbanne karst aquifer, Jura outermost thrust unit, eastern France)
A Charmoille, O Fabbri, J Mudry, Y Guglielmi, C Bertrand
Geophysical Research Letters 32 (18), 2005
Extension in the southern Ryukyu arc (Japan): Link with oblique subduction and back arc rifting
O Fabbri, M Fournier
Tectonics 18 (3), 486-497, 1999
A new three-dimensional method of fault reactivation analysis
H Leclère, O Fabbri
Journal of Structural Geology 48, 153-161, 2013
The Miocene bending of southwest Japan: new 39Ar/40Ar and microtectonic constraints from the Nagasaki schists (western Kyushu), an extension of the Sanbagawa high-pressure belt
M Faure, O Fabbri, P Monie
Earth and planetary science letters 91 (1-2), 105-116, 1988
Friction velocity dependence of clay‐rich fault material along a megasplay fault in the Nankai subduction zone at intermediate to high velocities
A Tsutsumi, O Fabbri, AM Karpoff, K Ujiie, A Tsujimoto
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (19), 2011
Microtectonics and 39Ar-40Ar dating of high pressure metamorphic rocks of the south Ryukyu Arc and their bearings on the pre-Eocene geodynamic evolution of Eastern Asia
M Faure, P Monié, O Fabbri
Tectonophysics 156 (1-2), 133-143, 1988
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