János Timár
János Timár
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Hivatkozott rá
Observation of Anomalous Internal Pair Creation in : A Possible Indication of a Light, Neutral Boson
AJ Krasznahorkay, M Csatlós, L Csige, Z Gácsi, J Gulyás, M Hunyadi, ...
Physical review letters 116 (4), 042501, 2016
and 16 shell gaps in neutron-rich oxygen isotopes
M Stanoiu, F Azaiez, Z Dombrádi, O Sorlin, BA Brown, M Belleguic, ...
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 69 (3), 034312, 2004
Evidence for a spin-aligned neutron–proton paired phase from the level structure of 92Pd
B Cederwall, FG Moradi, T Bäck, A Johnson, J Blomqvist, E Clément, ...
Nature 469 (7328), 68-71, 2011
Stability of chiral geometry in the odd–odd Rh isotopes: spectroscopy of 106Rh
P Joshi, DG Jenkins, PM Raddon, AJ Simons, R Wadsworth, ...
Physics Letters B 595 (1-4), 135-142, 2004
PET/MRI in head and neck cancer: initial experience
I Platzek, B Beuthien-Baumann, M Schneider, V Gudziol, J Langner, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 40, 6-11, 2013
Experimental evidence for chirality in the odd-A 105Rh
J Timár, P Joshi, K Starosta, VI Dimitrov, DB Fossan, J Molnár, D Sohler, ...
Physics Letters B 598 (3-4), 178-187, 2004
Shape evolution in heavy sulfur isotopes and erosion of the shell closure
D Sohler, Z Dombradi, J Timár, O Sorlin, F Azaiez, F Amorini, M Belleguic, ...
Physical Review C 66 (5), 054302, 2002
Disappearance of the shell gap in the carbon isotopic chain
M Stanoiu, D Sohler, O Sorlin, F Azaiez, Z Dombrádi, BA Brown, ...
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 78 (3), 034315, 2008
Experimental evidence for hyperdeformed states in U isotopes
A Krasznahorkay, M Hunyadi, MN Harakeh, M Csatlós, T Faestermann, ...
Physical review letters 80 (10), 2073, 1998
Measurement of beauty and charm production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA and measurement of the beauty-quark mass
H Abramowicz, I Abt, L Adamczyk, M Adamus, R Aggarwal, S Antonelli, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2014 (9), 1-56, 2014
Multiple Chiral Doublet Bands of Identical Configuration in
I Kuti, QB Chen, J Timár, D Sohler, SQ Zhang, ZH Zhang, PW Zhao, ...
Physical Review Letters 113 (3), 032501, 2014
The first candidate for chiral nuclei in the A∼ 80 mass region: 80Br
SY Wang, B Qi, L Liu, SQ Zhang, H Hua, XQ Li, YY Chen, LH Zhu, J Meng, ...
Physics Letters B 703 (1), 40-45, 2011
Role of the core in degeneracy of chiral candidate band doubling:
J Timár, C Vaman, K Starosta, DB Fossan, T Koike, D Sohler, IY Lee, ...
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 73 (1), 011301, 2006
New anomaly observed in supports the existence of the hypothetical X17 particle
AJ Krasznahorkay, M Csatlós, L Csige, J Gulyás, A Krasznahorkay, ...
Physical Review C 104 (4), 044003, 2021
Relative spins and excitation energies of superdeformed bands in Hg 190: Further evidence for octupole vibration
B Crowell, MP Carpenter, RVF Janssens, DJ Blumenthal, J Timar, ...
Physical Review C 51 (4), R1599, 1995
Using high-fold data from the new generation of γ-ray detector arrays
CW Beausang, D Prevost, MH Bergstrom, G DeFrance, B Haas, JC Lisle, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 1995
Tudásgyár vagy papírgyár
PIT János
Budapest, Új Mandátum Kiadó, 2001
Search for neutron excitations across the shell gap in
M Belleguic, F Azaiez, Z Dombradi, D Sohler, MJ Lopez-Jimenez, ...
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 72 (5), 054316, 2005
Experimental Evidence for Transverse Wobbling in
J Timár, QB Chen, B Kruzsicz, D Sohler, I Kuti, SQ Zhang, J Meng, P Joshi, ...
Physical Review Letters 122 (6), 062501, 2019
Search for particle–hole excitations across the N= 28 shell gap in 45, 46Ar nuclei
Z Dombradi, D Sohler, O Sorlin, F Azaiez, F Nowacki, M Stanoiu, ...
Nuclear Physics A 727 (3-4), 195-206, 2003
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