H. Machrafi
H. Machrafi
Université de Liège & Université Libre de Bruxelles
E-mail megerősítve itt: ulg.ac.be
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Three-stage autoignition of gasoline in an HCCI engine: An experimental and chemical kinetic modeling investigation
H Machrafi, S Cavadias
Combustion and flame 155 (4), 557-570, 2008
An experimental and numerical investigation on the influence of external gas recirculation on the HCCI autoignition process in an engine: Thermal, diluting, and chemical effects
H Machrafi, S Cavadias, P Guibert
Combustion and Flame 155 (3), 476-489, 2008
An extended thermodynamic model of transient heat conduction at sub-continuum scales
G Lebon, H Machrafi, M Grmela, C Dubois
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An experimental and numerical analysis of the HCCI auto-ignition process of primary reference fuels, toluene reference fuels and diesel fuel in an engine, varying the engine …
H Machrafi, S Cavadias, P Gilbert
Fuel processing technology 89 (11), 1007-1016, 2008
An experimental and numerical analysis of the influence of the inlet temperature, equivalence ratio and compression ratio on the HCCI auto-ignition process of Primary Reference …
H Machrafi, S Cavadiasa
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A parametric study on the emissions from an HCCI alternative combustion engine resulting from the auto-ignition of primary reference fuels
H Machrafi, S Cavadias, J Amouroux
Applied energy 85 (8), 755-764, 2008
Effect of volume-fraction dependent agglomeration of nanoparticles on the thermal conductivity of nanocomposites: Applications to epoxy resins, filled by SiO2, AlN and MgO …
H Machrafi, G Lebon, CS Iorio
Composites Science and Technology 130, 78-87, 2016
Bénard instabilities in a binary-liquid layer evaporating into an inert gas
H Machrafi, A Rednikov, P Colinet, PC Dauby
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Size and porosity effects on thermal conductivity of nanoporous material with an extension to nanoporous particles embedded in a host matrix
H Machrafi, G Lebon
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H Machrafi
Energy Conversion and Management 49 (11), 2956-2965, 2008
Green energy and technology
H Machrafi
Bentham Science Publishers, 2012
The role of several heat transfer mechanisms on the enhancement of thermal conductivity in nanofluids
H Machrafi, G Lebon
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 28, 1461-1475, 2016
The development and experimental validation of a reduced ternary kinetic mechanism for the auto-ignition at HCCI conditions, proposing a global reaction path for ternary …
H Machrafi, S Cavadias, J Amouroux
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HCCI engine modeling and experimental investigations–part 2: the composition of a NO-PRF interaction mechanism and the influence of NO in EGR on auto-ignition
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Combustion science and technology 180 (7), 1245-1262, 2008
Reduced chemical reaction mechanisms: experimental and HCCI modelling investigations of autoignition processes of iso-octane in internal combustion engines
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Fuel 84 (18), 2330-2340, 2005
Thermal rectifier efficiency of various bulk–nanoporous silicon devices
H Machrafi, G Lebon, D Jou
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 97, 603-610, 2016
Evaporation rates and Bénard-Marangoni supercriticality levels for liquid layers under an inert gas flow
H Machrafi, N Sadoun, A Rednikov, S Dehaeck, PC Dauby, P Colinet
Microgravity Science and Technology 25, 251-265, 2013
Numerical parametric study of the evaporation rate of a liquid under a shear gas flow: experimental validation and the importance of confinement on the convection cells and the …
H Machrafi, Y Lyulin, CS Iorio, O Kabov, PC Dauby
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 72, 8-19, 2018
An extended thermodynamic model for size-dependent thermoelectric properties at nanometric scales: Application to nanofilms, nanocomposites and thin nanocomposite films
H Machrafi
Applied Mathematical Modelling 40 (3), 2143-2160, 2016
Enhancement of a photovoltaic cell performance by a coupled cooled nanocomposite thermoelectric hybrid system, using extended thermodynamics
H Machrafi
Current Applied Physics 17 (6), 890-911, 2017
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