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Food-borne diseases—the challenges of 20 years ago still persist while new ones continue to emerge
DG Newell, M Koopmans, L Verhoef, E Duizer, A Aidara-Kane, H Sprong, ...
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MDR1 P-glycoprotein is a lipid translocase of broad specificity, while MDR3 P-glycoprotein specifically translocates phosphatidylcholine
A van Helvoort, AJ Smith, H Sprong, I Fritzsche, AH Schinkel, P Borst, ...
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Lipoprotein particles are required for Hedgehog and Wingless signalling
D Panáková, H Sprong, E Marois, C Thiele, S Eaton
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How proteins move lipids and lipids move proteins
H Sprong, P van der Sluijs, G van Meer
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Driving forces for changes in geographical distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in Europe
JM Medlock, KM Hansford, A Bormane, M Derdakova, A Estrada-Peña, ...
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Identification of zoonotic genotypes of Giardia duodenalis
H Sprong, SM Cacciò, JWB van der Giessen
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The organizing potential of sphingolipids in intracellular membrane transport
JCM Holthuis, T Pomorski, RJ Raggers, H Sprong, G Van Meer
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D Halter, S Neumann, SM van Dijk, J Wolthoorn, AM De Maziere, ...
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A clear and present danger: tick-borne diseases in Europe
P Heyman, C Cochez, A Hofhuis, J Van Der Giessen, H Sprong, ...
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A case of meningoencephalitis by the relapsing fever spirochaete Borrelia miyamotoi in Europe
JWR Hovius, B de Wever, M Sohne, MC Brouwer, J Coumou, ...
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The blood–brain barrier transmigrating single domain antibody: mechanisms of transport and antigenic epitopes in human brain endothelial cells
A Abulrob, H Sprong, PVB En Henegouwen, D Stanimirovic
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High-throughput screening of tick-borne pathogens in Europe
L Michelet, S Delannoy, E Devillers, G Umhang, A Aspan, M Juremalm, ...
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Membrane lipids and vesicular traffic
G van Meer, H Sprong
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UDP-galactose: ceramide galactosyltransferase is a class I integral membrane protein of the endoplasmic reticulum
H Sprong, B Kruithof, R Leijendekker, JW Slot, G van Meer, ...
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Circulation of four Anaplasma phagocytophilum ecotypes in Europe
S Jahfari, EC Coipan, M Fonville, AD Van Leeuwen, P Hengeveld, ...
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Dermacentor reticulatus: a vector on the rise
G Földvári, P ©iroký, S Szekeres, G Majoros, H Sprong
Parasites & vectors 9 (1), 1-29, 2016
Direct detection and genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii in meat samples using magnetic capture and PCR
M Opsteegh, M Langelaar, H Sprong, L den Hartog, S De Craeye, ...
International journal of food microbiology 139 (3), 193-201, 2010
The diagnostic accuracy of serological tests for Lyme borreliosis in Europe: a systematic review and meta-analysis
MMG Leeflang, CW Ang, J Berkhout, HA Bijlmer, W Van Bortel, ...
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Ixodes ricinus ticks are reservoir hosts for Rickettsia helvetica and potentially carry flea-borne Rickettsia species
H Sprong, PR Wielinga, M Fonville, C Reusken, AH Brandenburg, ...
Parasites & vectors 2 (1), 1-7, 2009
Borrelia miyamotoi: a widespread tick-borne relapsing fever spirochete
A Wagemakers, PJ Staarink, H Sprong, JWR Hovius
Trends in parasitology 31 (6), 260-269, 2015
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