Reza Vatankhah Barenji
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A multi-agent RFID-enabled distributed control system for a flexible manufacturing shop
R Vatankhah Barenji, A Vatankhah Barenji, M Hashemipour
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 71 (9-12 …, 2014
A dynamic multi-agent-based scheduling approach for SMEs
AV Barenji, RV Barenji, D Roudi, M Hashemipour
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 89 (9-12 …, 2017
Elucidating of tool rotational speed in friction stir welding of 7020-T6 aluminum alloy
AS Golezani, RV Barenji, A Heidarzadeh, H Pouraliakbar
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 1-10, 2015
Electrical discharge machining of the AISI D6 tool steel: Prediction and modeling of the material removal rate and tool wear ratio
RV Barenji, HH Pourasl, VM Khojastehnezhad
Precision Engineering 45, 435-444, 2016
Tensile properties of friction stir welds of AA 7020 aluminum alloy
A Heidarzadeh, RV Barenji, M Esmaily, AR Ilkhichi
Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 1-11, 2015
Flexible testing platform for employment of RFID-enabled multi-agent system on flexible assembly line
AV Barenji, RV Barenji, M Hashemipour
Advances in Engineering Software 91, 1-11, 2016
Introducing natural hydroxyapatite-diopside (NHA-Di) nano-bioceramic coating
A Khandan, M Abdellahi, RV Barenji, N Ozada, E Karamian
Ceramics International 41 (9), 12355-12363, 2015
Establishing mathematical models to predict grain size and hardness of the friction stir-welded AA 7020 aluminum alloy joints
AR Ilkhichi, R Soufi, G Hussain, RV Barenji, A Heidarzadeh
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 46 (1), 357-365, 2014
Wear properties of Al–Al2O3/TiB2 surface hybrid composite layer prepared by friction stir process
RV Barenji, VM Khojastehnezhad, HH Pourasl, A Rabiezadeh
J. Compos. Mater. 50 (11), 1457-1466, 2016
A mathematical model and simulated annealing algorithm for solving the cyclic scheduling problem of a flexible robotic cell
M Ghadiri Nejad, H Gueden, B Vizvari, R Vatankhah Barenji
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 10 (1), 1687814017753912, 2018
A Framework for Structural Modelling of an RFID-enabled Intelligent Distributed Manufacturing Control System
A Vatankhah Barenji, R Vatankhah Barenji, M Hashemipour
The South African Journal of Industrial Engineering 25 (2), 48-66, 2014
Endothelialization and the bioactivity of Ca-P coatings of different Ca/P stoichiometry electrodeposited on the Nitinol superelastic alloy
MR Etminanfar, J Khalil-Allafi, A Montaseri, R Vatankhah Barenji
Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2016
Optimizing the friction stir welding of the α/β brass plates to obtain the highest strength and elongation
A Heidarzadeh, RV Barenji, V Khalili, G Güleryüz
Vacuum 159, 152-160, 2019
Mechanical activation process for self-propagation high-temperature synthesis of ceramic-based composites
M Farhanchi, M Neysari, RV Barenji, A Heidarzadeh, RT Mousavian
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 1-11, 2015
Cyber-physical-based PAT (CPbPAT) framework for Pharma 4.0
RV Barenji, Y Akdag, B Yet, L Oner
International journal of pharmaceutics 567, 118445, 2019
An optimization model for cyclic scheduling problem in flexible robotic cells
MG Nejad, G Kovács, B Vizvári, RV Barenji
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 95 (9-12 …, 2018
A framework for modelling enterprise competencies: from theory to practice in enterprise architecture
R Vatankhah Barenji, M Hashemipour, DA Guerra-Zubiaga
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 28 (8), 791-810, 2014
Optimally sized design of a wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell off-grid hybrid energy system by modified-gray wolf optimization algorithm
R Vatankhah Barenji, M Ghadiri Nejad, I Asghari
Energy & Environment 29 (6), 1053-1070, 2018
Structural Modeling of a RFID-enabled Reconfigurable Architecture for a Flexible Manufacturing System
A Vatankhah Barenji, R Vatankhah Barenji, M Hashemipour
Proceedings of 2013 European Conference on Smart Objects, Systems and …, 2013
Trade-off between process scheduling and production cost in cyclic flexible robotic cells
MG Nejad, SM Shavarani, B Vizvári, RV Barenji
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96 (1-4 …, 2018
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