David Meisner
David Meisner
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Hivatkozott rá
PowerNap: eliminating server idle power
D Meisner, BT Gold, TF Wenisch
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44 (3), 205-216, 2009
Power management of online data-intensive services
D Meisner, CM Sadler, LA Barroso, WD Weber, TF Wenisch
Proceedings of the 38th ACM International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2011
MemScale: Active low-power modes for main memory
Q Deng, D Meisner, L Ramos, TF Wenisch, R Bianchini
Proceedings of the sixteenth international conference on Architectural …, 2011
Understanding and abstracting total data center power
S Pelley, D Meisner, TF Wenisch, JW VanGilder
Workshop on Energy-Efficient Design, 2009
The mystery machine: End-to-end performance analysis of large-scale internet services
M Chow, D Meisner, J Flinn, D Peek, TF Wenisch
11th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI …, 2014
Thin servers with smart pipes: Designing soc accelerators for memcached
K Lim, D Meisner, AG Saidi, P Ranganathan, TF Wenisch
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 41 (3), 36-47, 2013
Coscale: Coordinating cpu and memory system dvfs in server systems
Q Deng, D Meisner, A Bhattacharjee, TF Wenisch, R Bianchini
2012 45th annual IEEE/ACM international symposium on microarchitecture, 143-154, 2012
Power routing: dynamic power provisioning in the data center
S Pelley, D Meisner, P Zandevakili, TF Wenisch, J Underwood
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 45 (3), 231-242, 2010
Bighouse: A simulation infrastructure for data center systems
D Meisner, J Wu, TF Wenisch
2012 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems …, 2012
Adrenaline: Pinpointing and reining in tail queries with quick voltage boosting
CH Hsu, Y Zhang, MA Laurenzano, D Meisner, T Wenisch, J Mars, L Tang, ...
2015 IEEE 21st International Symposium on High Performance Computer …, 2015
DreamWeaver: Architectural Support for Deep Sleep
D Meisner, TF Wenisch
Treadmill: Attributing the source of tail latency through precise load testing and statistical inference
Y Zhang, D Meisner, J Mars, L Tang
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 44 (3), 456-468, 2016
MultiScale: memory system DVFS with multiple memory controllers
Q Deng, D Meisner, A Bhattacharjee, TF Wenisch, R Bianchini
Proceedings of the 2012 ACM/IEEE international symposium on Low power …, 2012
Peak power modeling for data center servers with switched-mode power supplies
D Meisner, TF Wenisch
Low-Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED), 2010 ACM/IEEE International …, 2010
Stochastic queuing simulation for data center workloads
D Meisner, TF Wenisch
Exascale Evaluation and Research Techniques Workshop, 2010
The PowerNap Server Architecture
D Meisner, BT Gold, TF Wenisch
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS) 29 (1), 3, 2011
Does low-power design imply energy efficiency for data centers?
D Meisner, TF Wenisch
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, 109-114, 2011
Computer energy conservation with a scalable PSU configuration
D Meisner, TF Wenisch
US Patent 8,751,843, 2014
Balancing load across cache servers in a distributed data store
A Likhtarov, DM Meisner, SD Michelson, A Grynenko
US Patent 9,871,855, 2018
Active low-power modes for main memory with memscale
Q Deng, L Ramos, R Bianchini, D Meisner, T Wenisch
IEEE Micro 32 (3), 60-69, 2012
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