David Y.W. Ng
David Y.W. Ng
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Hivatkozott rá
Polymer bioconjugates: Modern design concepts toward precision hybrid materials
C Chen, DYW Ng, T Weil
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Receptor selective ruthenium-somatostatin photosensitizer for cancer targeted photodynamic applications
T Wang, N Zabarska, Y Wu, M Lamla, S Fischer, K Monczak, DYW Ng, ...
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Distributed leadership through the lens of activity theory
JPY Ho, DT Victor Chen, D Ng
Educational Management Administration & Leadership 44 (5), 814-836, 2016
Tensions in distributed leadership
J Ho, D Ng
Educational Administration Quarterly 53 (2), 223-254, 2017
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Chemical Communications 54 (22), 2808-2811, 2018
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