Feng He
Feng He
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Preparation and characterization of a new class of starch-stabilized bimetallic nanoparticles for degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in water
F He, D Zhao
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Surface functional groups of carbon-based adsorbents and their roles in the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions: a critical review
X Yang, Y Wan, Y Zheng, F He, Z Yu, J Huang, H Wang, YS Ok, Y Jiang, ...
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F He, D Zhao
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F He, Z Li, S Shi, W Xu, H Sheng, Y Gu, Y Jiang, B Xi
Environmental science & technology 52 (15), 8627-8637, 2018
Composition and functional group characterization of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in activated sludge: the impacts of polymerization degree of proteinaceous substrates
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Degradation of soil-sorbed trichloroethylene by stabilized zero valent iron nanoparticles: effects of sorption, surfactants, and natural organic matter
M Zhang, F He, D Zhao, X Hao
Water research 45 (7), 2401-2414, 2011
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