Christopher Bonino
Christopher Bonino
Particle Measuring Systems
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Hivatkozott rá
Electrospinning alginate-based nanofibers: From blends to crosslinked low molecular weight alginate-only systems
CA Bonino, MD Krebs, CD Saquing, SI Jeong, KL Shearer, E Alsberg, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 85 (1), 111-119, 2011
Electrospun carbon-tin oxide composite nanofibers for use as lithium ion battery anodes
CA Bonino, L Ji, Z Lin, O Toprakci, X Zhang, SA Khan
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (7), 2534-2542, 2011
Three‐dimensional electrospun alginate nanofiber mats via tailored charge repulsions
CA Bonino, K Efimenko, SI Jeong, MD Krebs, E Alsberg, SA Khan
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Electrospun alginate nanofibers with controlled cell adhesion for tissue engineering a
SI Jeong, MD Krebs, CA Bonino, SA Khan, E Alsberg
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Alginate–polyethylene oxide blend nanofibers and the role of the carrier polymer in electrospinning
CD Saquing, C Tang, B Monian, CA Bonino, JL Manasco, E Alsberg, ...
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Electrospun Chitosan–Alginate Nanofibers with In Situ Polyelectrolyte Complexation for Use as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
SI Jeong, MD Krebs, CA Bonino, JE Samorezov, SA Khan, E Alsberg
Tissue Engineering Part A 17 (1-2), 59-70, 2011
Real-time in situ rheology of alginate hydrogel photocrosslinking
CA Bonino, JE Samorezov, O Jeon, E Alsberg, SA Khan
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An economic perspective on liquid solar fuels
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Photo-activated ionic gelation of alginate hydrogel: real-time rheological monitoring of the two-step crosslinking mechanism
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Whither solar fuels?
JA Trainham, J Newman, CA Bonino, PG Hoertz, N Akunuri
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Improved cell infiltration of highly porous 3D nanofibrous scaffolds formed by combined fiber–fiber charge repulsions and ultra-sonication
SI Jeong, NA Burns, CA Bonino, IK Kwon, SA Khan, E Alsberg
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Electrospun ultrafine fiber composites containing fumed silica: from solution rheology to materials with tunable wetting
MK Dufficy, MT Geiger, CA Bonino, SA Khan
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The energy future
J Newman, CA Bonino, JA Trainham
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering 9, 153-174, 2018
Particulate heat transfer fluid and related system and method
JA Trainham, PG Hoertz, CA Bonino, JS Newman
US Patent 9,651,313, 2017
K. E menko, SI Jeong, MD Krebs, E. Alsberg and SA Khan
CA Bonino
Small 8, 1928-1936, 2012
Solid-state processing of oxidation-resistant molybdenum borosilicide composites for ultra-high-temperature applications
BA Cook, CA Bonino, JA Trainham
Journal of materials science 49, 7750-7759, 2014
Water electrolysis with a homogeneous catalyst in an electrochemical cell
CA Bonino, JJ Concepcion, JA Trainham, TJ Meyer, J Newman
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (10), F1143, 2013
Functional Nanofibers and Hydrogels: From Energy Storage to Biomedical Applications.
C Bonino
Coating method and apparatus with substrate extension device
CA Bonino, MC Petropoulos, MJ Duggan, LJ Potter, SJ Pietrzykowski Jr, ...
US Patent 6,503,571, 2003
Pilot-Scale System With Particle-Based Heat Transfer Fluids for Concentrated Solar Power Applications
CA Bonino, J Hlebak, N Baldasaro, D Gilmore
ASME Power Conference 83747, V001T08A014, 2020
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