Morteza Khalaji Assadi
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Application of artificial intelligence methods for hybrid energy system optimization
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Recent progress in perovskite solar cells
MK Assadi, S Bakhoda, R Saidur, H Hanaei
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A comparative analysis on the uniformity enhancement methods of solar thermal drying
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Analytical model of atrium for heating and ventilating an institutional building naturally
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Energy demand model of the household sector and its application in developing metropolitan cities (Case study: Tehran)
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Energetic and exergetic performance of a solar flat-plate collector working with Cu nanofluid
SR Shamshirgaran, M Khalaji Assadi, HH Al-Kayiem, ...
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Synthesis and evaluation of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide/single walled carbon nanotube-based hydrophilic self-cleaning coating layer for solar photovoltaic panel surface
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Application of nanomaterials in solar thermal energy storage
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Integrated dynamic modeling for energy optimization in the building: Part 1: The development of the model
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Design a solar hybrid air conditioning compressor system
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Analysis of Solar Lithium Bromide-Water Absorption Cooling System with Heat Pipe Solar Collector
MKA Amir Falahatkar
World Renewable Energy Congress-Sweden; 8-13 May; 2011; Linköping; Sweden …, 2011
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