Peter Karácsony
Peter Karácsony
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Hivatkozott rá
The influence of environment, management and site context on species composition of summer arable weed vegetation in H ungary
G Pinke, P Karácsony, B Czúcz, Z Botta‐Dukát, A Lengyel
Applied Vegetation Science 15 (1), 136-144, 2012
Environmental and land-use variables determining the abundance of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in arable fields in Hungary.
G Pinke, P Karacsony, B Czucz, Z Botta-Dukat
Preslia 83 (2), 219-235, 2011
Weed vegetation of poppy (Papaver somniferum) fields in Hungary: effects of management and environmental factors on species composition
G Pinke, RW Pál, K Tóth, P Karácsony, B Czúcz, Z Botta‐Dukát
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Improvement of youth personnel policy: Social inspection
MV Vinichenko, TS Demcheko, IY Ilina, SA Makuchkin, P Karácsony
Eurasian journal of analytical chemistry 12 (7b), 1069-1077, 2017
Impact of teleworking on job satisfaction among Slovakian employees in the era of COVID-19
P Karácsony
Problems and Perspectives in Management 19 (3), 1-9, 2021
Relating Ambrosia artemisiifolia and other weeds to the management of Hungarian sunflower crops
G Pinke, P Karácsony, Z Botta-Dukát, B Czúcz
Journal of Pest Science 86 (3), 621-631, 2013
Weed species composition of conventional soyabean crops in Hungary is determined by environmental, cultural, weed management and site variables
G Pinke, K Blazsek, L Magyar, K Nagy, P Karácsony, B Czúcz, ...
Weed Research 56 (6), 470-481, 2016
Attitudes of Z generation to job searching through social media
P Karácsony, T Izsák, L Vasa
Economics & Sociology 13 (4), 227-240, 2020
Satisfaction of employees of Moscow region organizations by implementation of youth personnel policy
MV Vinichenko, TS Demcheko, AV Melnichuk, SA Makuchkin, ...
Eurasian Journal of Analytical Chemistry 12 (5b), 697-704, 2017
Technologies of improving the university efficiency by using artificial intelligence: Motivational aspect
MV Vinichenko, AV Melnichuk, P Karácsony
Entrepreneurship and sustainability issues 7 (4), 2696, 2020
The feasibility and expediency of gamification activities in higher education
MV Vinichenko, TK Ridho, P Karacsony, NP Li, GS Narrainen, ...
International Journal of Education and Practice 7 (4), 459-468, 2019
Influence of time management on the state of health of students and the quality of their life
MV Vinichenko, P Karácsony, AV Kirillov, AA Oseev, OL Chulanova, ...
Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods 8 (5), 166-184, 2018
Analysis of competitiveness of Hungarian wheat sector with Porter’s Diamond Model
P Karácsony
Journal of Central European Agriculture 9 (3), 399-403, 2008
Improvement of motivation in Hungarian organization
P Karácsony, MV Vinichenko, T Aliyev
Transylvanian International Conference in Public Administration, 266-279, 2018
Model of competences of graduates of high schools of engineering directions: research of stakeholders
MV Vinichenko, OL Chulanova, P Karacsony, ES Bogdan, AV Melnichuk, ...
Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods 8 (3), 369-380, 2018
The peculiarity of the ethno-social conflicts in the Russian labor market: comparative analysis of Russia, Great Britain and Germany
AA Oseev, FA Dudueva, P Karácsony, MV Vinichenko, SA Makushkin
Espacios 39 (22), 2018
Youth involvement in social control of the implementation of the youth personnel policy in the company management system
TS Demchenko, P Karácsony, MV Vinichenko, MV Demchenko, ...
Revista Espacios. Especial 38 (21), 8, 2018
Designing and implementing performance management systems
V Packová, P Karácsóny
Business Performance Measurement and Management, 241-249, 2010
The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the employment characteristics of Hungarian SMEs
P Karácsony
Review of Economic Studies and Research Virgil Madgearu 13 (2), 105-117, 2020
Views on working with information in a semi-digital society: Its possibility to develop as open innovation culture
MV Vinichenko, MV Rybakova, OL Chulanova, SA Barkov, SA Makushkin, ...
Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity 7 (2), 160, 2021
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